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More and more Dog Owners, like you, prefer PetCloud’s national network of home-based Dog Sitters as a kind and caring alternative to kennel boarding facilities.

PetCloud is the most trusted booking service in Australia, and it is part-owned by Australia’s oldest and most respected Animal welfare Charity, RSPCA Qld, and offers:

  • Meet in person before your card is charged
  • Liability Insurance up to $10M covering Vet treatment for illness + injuries
  • National Customer Support by RSPCA Qld on shore, in Australia
  • Compatibility Guarantee – Find a Great Match or we'll help you find better or happily refund you
  • Daily photo updates on Wellness & Activity sent by the sitter to you'd

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog sitters care for a dog when the owner can't be there. Whether you have a work commitment, a vacation or anything else, a dog sitter will provide care for your dog making sure they are fed, have fresh water, have the opportunity to go to the bathroom and get some exercise. Dog sitters can look after your dog in the owners home, their own home or pay daily visits to check in on a dog.
All of our dog sitters set their own prices which you will find on their listing, however the average price is typically $25 a day on average and around or $40 for overnight stays.
There are many benefits for choosing a dog sitter over things like kennels, mong other things, these include reduced stress and a reduced risk of picking up an infectious disease or even kennel cough.
Domestic animals such as cats and dogs, pocket pets/ rodents such as guinea pigs, rats, mice, rabbits, reptiles such as snakes, frill neck lizards, turtles, hobby farm animals such as alpacas, horses, pigs, chickens, ponies, and goats.
We don't look after large scale commercial farms – commercial Farm Hands are required for this.
All breeds of domestic dogs mentioned, except dangerous dog breeds mentioned.
Each Sitter must sit the online dog care training course created by RSPCA Vets. Once they have completed the course, their profile will display an accredited badge. Professional Dog Sitters are trained by a recognised industry dog care course. They are experienced in working with all types of pet types, breeds, and temperaments and will know how to tailor your pet’s care based on their unique likes, triggers, fears, and habits.
PetCloud's Dog Sitter's and Dog Walkers uphold the Animal Welfare 5 Freedoms that are internationally accepted standards of dog care that affirm every living being's right to humane treatment which are:
  • Freedom from hunger and thirst.
  • Freedom from discomfort.
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease.
  • Freedom to express normal behaviours.
  • Freedom from fear and distress.
After the Meet & Greet, but before the stay begins you will be shown a link to pay via PetCloud. The Sitter will only receive payment at the end of the stay by PetCloud. Never pay Dog Sitters directly. Always pay via the website as your dog will be protected with insurance against big Vet Bills that may occur in the event of illness or accidental injury.
PetCloud Dog Sitters keep pets safe and happy in a home environment. That's why all our members are home-based dog sitters. And with vets agreeing home is the one place all pets feel safe and happy, you can travel with true peace of mind.
PetCloud has different types of services that our home-based Dog Sitters offer:
  • Dog Sitters who offer overnight care for your dog in their home,
  • House Sitters to come and stay overnight in a Guest bedroom at your home for a period of time if you own multiple pets or large pets,
  • Dog Sitters who do Home Visits to your home where a Dog Sitter will drive over & call in once or twice a day for 20 minutes to feed and top up water in your pets bowls.

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Safe Stays

Safe Stays

We help you book safe and secure pet stays.

Insured Sitters

Insured Sitters

We help you book safe and secure pet stays.

Police Checked

Police Checked

We ensure all sitters are police checked.



Our website provides a written agreement for your services booked.

Trained Minders

Trained Minders

RSPCA Accredited Pet Care Training provided to sitters and walkers.

RSPCA Support

RSPCA Support

RSPCA-run National Customer Support.

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