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More and more Pet Owners, like you, prefer PetCloud's national network of home-based Pet Sitters as a kind and caring alternative to kennel boarding facilities. PetCloud is the most trusted booking service in Australia, and it is part-owned by Australia’s oldest and most respected Animal welfare Charity, RSPCA Qld, and offers:

  • Meet in person before your card is charged
  • Liability Insurance up to $10M covering Vet treatment for illness + injuries
  • National Customer Support by RSPCA Qld on shore, in Australia
  • Compatibility Guarantee – Find a Great Match or we'll help you find better or happily refund you
  • Daily photo updates on Wellness & Activity sent by the sitter to you

Frequently Asked Questions

A house sitter is someone over 18 who comes and stays at your home in a spare guest bedroom from the time you leave until the time you come home who you entrust to care for your pets and property.
  • Feeds and waters pets and takes sick pets to veterinarian for treatment
  • Inspects utilities, such as plumbing and air-conditioning, to detect problems requiring services of repairer and contacts a repair contractor to arrange for necessary repairs
  • Basic duties such as watering garden, chlorinating swimming pool or mowing
  • Occupies and oversees house to maintain order and security of property and conduct necessary business transactions during temporary absence of owner, renter
  • Monitoring of entrances to property and securing locks to prevent access of unauthorised people.
  • Answers telephone and doorbell, takes messages, and forwards information to you as requested.
  • Forwards or files mail
  • Cleans, vacuums, mops, and dusts house, using vacuum cleaner and other house cleaning aids.
It means a Person coming to stay and live in your home for a period of time to care for your animals.
Yes, usually in a spare guest bedroom made up with fresh sheets and pillows.
  • When you own multiple pets, large pets, a hobby farm, or pets that are not very portable ie. horses, birds, fish, chooks.
  • If your home is situated quite far out of town for it to be frequented daily with visits to feed pets.
  • When you have a garden that needs watering, a pool that needs regular chlorinating and filtering.
  • When you want your property to look ‘lived in’ with lights on at night, and mail taken in and even a car parked in the driveway.
House Sitters are great for Pet Owners that have multiple animals, large animals, or animals that are not easily portable such as horses, alpacas, chickens, ducks, and when you have a garden that needs manually watering, or pool that needs maintaining.
Having mail collected from the mailbox daily, bins placed out, and lights on of an evening with a House Sitter pottering around is a great burglar deterrent.
House Sitting is safe for Pet Owners who book police checked House Sitters through PetCloud. Many websites across the world don’t bother with Police checks.
A House Sitter must have a current Police check, obtained within the last 12 months and matching government photo ID such as a Passport or Driver's License. You will see a digital badge allocated to their profile displaying this.
A house sitter coming to care for your pets should have RSPCA Qld Accredited Pet Care Training - you will see a digital badge allocated to their profile if they have this. This training ensures sitters care for your pets to the standard the RSPCA expects and that only positive reinforcement is used.
PetCloud has a House Sitter Checklist Pet Owners can print out to leave on the kitchen bench. By Booking through PetCloud you have a digital legal contract which specifies the service and dates booked and expectations of both parties, leaving little room for misunderstanding.
Home Owners need to make clear to the house sitter from the outset, the standard of cleanliness and maintenance expected for the home and property.
On PetCloud yes, House Sitters are paid for.
Pet Owners are not obligated or expected to pay for food for House Sitters booked through PetCloud since they are being paid for the time they are there.

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Safe Stays

Safe Stays

We help you book safe and secure pet stays.

Insured Sitters

Insured Sitters

We help you book safe and secure pet stays.

Police Checked

Police Checked

We ensure all sitters are police checked.



Our website provides a written agreement for your services booked.

Trained Minders

Trained Minders

RSPCA Accredited Pet Care Training provided to sitters and walkers.

RSPCA Support

RSPCA Support

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