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Your Bird’s Happiness is Our Priority

Whether you own ducks, geese, chickens, macaws, galahs, cockatoos, budgies, parrots, or doves - we will help you care for them if you need to be away.

We understand that birds are more than just pets – they're cherished members of your family. Our reliable bird sitters are committed to providing the care, attention, and love that your bird needs.

With personalised care, booked through PetCloud, your bird will feel happy and content.

How do I find Bird Sitters near me?



Download the PetCloud App, search for Bird Sitters in your area, read the reviews and select the best sitter for you.


Meet and Greet

Meet your chosen Bird Sitter at the proposed location of care before the stay.


Pay via PetCloud

Seamlessly book and securely pay using the PetCloud digital wallet.


Pack, Travel and Relax

Pack your bags, drop off your Bird and relax knowing they are in the best care.

What type of carers are available for my birds?

It depends on your set up, quantity and what service you need. For example if you own 1 budgie, and their cage is very portable, you might have your budget stay at a Pet Sitter’s home.

If you own a large avery, or a chicken coop, and own multiple birds, chickens, or large birds, you might book a Sitter that offers Home Visits once daily or twice daily.

If you are away for longer than a few days, a House Sitter to come and stay in your home might be the best solution.

How will a Bird Sitter help care for my birds?

Sitters when visiting can change the cage paper daily, or add a cage cover of an evening. If you have chickens that are free to roam during the day, a Sitter can come past in the mornings to let them out of their coop, and give them fresh feed and water, and then visit in the late afternoons every day to usher your chickens back into their coop for the night.

We can feed them with fresh chopped greens and corn, sprouts, pellets / seed. Natural and Foraging toys. Special diets will be catered for. Fresh water changed twice daily, cuddling and patting, we can give them sun showers, or play their preferred music.

Why Choose PetCloud to Book Bird Sitters?

Strong focus on Animal Welfare: PetCloud provides all Bird Sitters with an animal care training course created in collaboration with the RSPCA. This course ensures Sitters are well-versed in Bird behaviour, dietary needs, and special requirements, ensuring your pet's health and happiness.

Make an impact with your booking PetCloud is part-owned by one of Australia’s oldest animal welfare rescue and advisory organisations, RSPCA Qld.

Police checked Sitters: 100% of Pet Sitters on PetCloud are police checked to ensure our commitment to quality.

Comfort of Home: Chickens, geese, and ducks usually stay in their own coop house and can be let out during the day to roam and safely locked up at night. 20 minute home Visits once or twice a day can be booked, or a House Sitter can stay in your home in a guest bedroom while you are away, this way supervision of your chickens throughout the day while they roam can occur. You will need to discuss the House Sitter's schedule and ask what is possible.

Insured bookings: We understand that every Bird is unique. Our sitters tailor their care to match your pet's personality and preferences. Whether your Bird loves playtime, lap cuddles, or simply observing the world from their cage, we've got it covered.

Regular Food and Water Visits: Birds have specific dietary needs that require careful attention. With PetCloud, our reliable sitters ensure that your Bird’s food and water bowls are filled to your requirements. You can rest easy knowing that your Bird's nutritional needs are being met consistently.

Daily photo updates: Our sitters provide daily updates, including photos and updates about your Bird or Chickens activities and well-being. You'll be able to see firsthand that your pet is in good hands, even when you're away.

How to Book a Bird Sitter near you

Booking a Bird Sitter is easy:

  1. Sign Up: Sign up for a PetCloud account and create a Profile for your bird, your bird’s care requirements and preferences.
  2. Post a Job: Post a job for the dates you need for the service type you want. Police checked and insured available Sitters will apply to care for your birdie. Accept the application of the Sitter you want to meet with.
  3. Meet in person: If after meeting at the proposed location of care you felt it was a good fit - its a match! The Sitter will click a ‘Pre-approve’ button so that you can then Pay PetCloud in your inbox before the booking begins.

Can birds be left alone for a week?

No. Lots of birds, including parrots, cockatoos and macaws, suffer distress when left alone with no human contact. Birds can also contract a bacterial infection in just a few hours if the water is very dirty from them soiling it. If you are heading away, book a Carer through PetCloud to come in twice a day to feed and change the water.

Are there certain breeds of pet birds common to Australia?

Cockatiel, Lovebird, Green-cheeked parakeet, Grey parrot, Parakeets, Budgie, Cockatoo, Finch, Budgerigar, Domestic canary, Columbidae, Moluccan eclectus, Parrotlet, Macaw, Rainbow lorikeet, Amazon parrots, Princess Parrot, Hyacinth macaw, Pionus, Galah, Rosella, Amazon, Crested Bellbird, Australian Ringneck.