Lead an active life - Dog walking with with PetCloud!

PetCloud gives Dog Walkers the freedom to build a recurring client base, and live a lifestyle away from a desk cubicle!

Features you'll love.
Saving you time & making you money.

Automatic SMS Reminders (Reduce No Shows)

We'll send Automatic Meet & Greet & Booking SMS & Email Reminders & Review Requests at the end of a stay.

Automatic Insurance Cover

Protection for your own wallet in the event of negligence and large Vet Bills if surgery is required.

Track your Earnings

A single screen of all payments where you can check each payment status (finalised or pending), payment gateway (PayPal, Stripe).

Automatic Email Reminders

Email reminders will keep Pet Owners prompt to appointments. These emails will automatically be sent out for you.

Pet Jobs Board

Access to view and apply to our National Pet Jobs Board. Receive push notifications when jobs come up in your area.

Unlimited clients

There are no limits on the number of jobs you can apply for, or the number of clients you can book with.

Live Chat with Clients

Be in instant touch with your customers - see when they were last online or whether they are online right now. Share photo updates.

Your home address kept private

Your listing will appear in our Directory for Pet Owners to contact, enabling you to screen who you want to invite to meet you.

Digital Verification Badges

Build trust quickly when your listing has online digital verification badges

Get Paid for Promotion

When you refer a Pet Owner who books for the 1st time through PetCloud, they'll get $10 credit, & you'll get 8% of the booking - in cash!

Digital Visit Report Card

Quickly provide a summary to your clients daily with a digital report card for your client's peace of mind.

Packages of Services

Encourage your customers to buy more by bundling multiple services in a package of appointments. You can set the price for the whole package so your customers can have a discount when purchasing the package of services.

Booking Modification / Scheduling

You or your clients can easily request booking modfications.

Offer Recurring Appointments

Your customers will become returning customers by letting them schedule recurring appointments. Daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Accredited Pet Care Course

Become a highly sought after Pet Sitter in your area. Get Confident with the standard of Pet Care the RSPCA promotes and understand local laws. Learn Pet Sitter Marketing Secrets to build yiour client base.

Calendar / Availability Management

Easily block out the dates youre unavailable. Have a break when you need to.

Make an impact

Pet Owners can donate to the RSPCA through PetCloud when they book. Now that's pet sitting with purpose!

Discount coupons for bookings

We'll give you your own promo code to give to new Pet Owners or to display on business cards and flyers

Support for Multiple Services

No matter how many different services do you provide, you can add all of them to PetCloud, configuring individual duration, price, and other parameters.

We'll auto send Property Checklists

We will send Pet Owners an RSPCA Property Checklist so you can conduct Property Tours at Meets & Greets with better informed Pet Owners.

No Chasing Payments

Stolen, Expired, or Maxxed out Credit Cards are a thing of the past with our Digital Wallet to collect payment in escrow from Pet Owners before the stay. You'll get reliable payouts after the stay.

Service Photo Galleries

Upload multiple pictures for service, to be shown on site’s front-end as service photo galleries/slideshows.

Mobile Apps & Website

You and Pet Owners can communicate with through PetCloud's easy to use Android or IOS App or website.

A choice of refund policies.

You get a choice of refund policies to display on your listing. Your time is valuable, so if you get cancelled on, we will refund the Pet Owner according to the policy you chose.

Customer Support

PetCloud's Customer Support team is available to answer questions through live chat on the website, email, or phone.


PetCloud saves me so much time in onboarding new clients and their Dogs and automating reminders and collecting payment so that nothing gets missed. Their team are easily contactable and friendly, and I love their association with the RSPCA.

- Andy, Dog Walker in Manly, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

Roughly $36 for 30 minute dog walks, and $49 for 60 minute dog walks.

It depends if you do small group walks with 2 or 3 dogs or whether you do private solo walks for dogs who may have leash aggression, are high energy, or are unsocialised. You must take into account at least 19% will be dedicated by PetCloud to go towards insurance, advertising to get you clients, app maintenance, customer support, payment gateway, & booking fees.

You may have clients with dogs that ask you to travel to them, so factoring in petrol and car or bicycle maintenance is important to factor into the quote. Dog Waste bags and treats should be provided by the Pet Owner.

Our aim is to help you get as many recurring clients as possible. Factors that impact on your income as a dog walker include: Clients may move away, Dogs may get sick and pass away, Stormy weather, Pet Owners may lose their job and can’t afford dog walking fees, during the peak Christmas and New Year period Pet Owners might holiday away or be at home and may walk their dog themselves.

PetCloud has a Paid Referral Program where you can use your unique referral link to earn money for promoting PetCloud to Pet Owners across social media, and email. Potential earnings could look like an extra $240 per month if you bring on 10 new Pet Owners who book based on an average booking price of $300.

You can offer Extras on your listing such as;

  1. Pet Supplies Pick up (Food, Toys, treats, Parasite control)
  2. Poo Patrol and deodorising patios and balconies, Cleaning Litter boxes, Fish Tank Cleaning
  3. Doggy Day Care & Puppy Desensitisation Period
  4. Health check-ups, desexing, teeth descales, vaccination boosters
  5. Grooming & Clipping Coats, Nail clips, Expressing Anal Glands, Cleaning ears and eyes, Washing and Brushing, Double Coat de-shed and blow out.
  6. Exercise / Dog Walks
  7. Pet Sitting, House sitting, or Home Visits
  8. Pet Concierge for Weddings
  9. Pet Taxi Trips to pre-booked Vet or Grooming Appointments.
  10. Dog Training
  11. 24hr supervision

With the help of RSPCA Vets, PetCloud has created the most reputable Accredited Dog Walking & Pet Care course in Australia. We equip you with skills to be assertive, recognise potential risks, and handle situations, give you the confidence to understand the standard of care the RSPCA expects & become in-demand by Clients in your area.

18 years old so that in the event of an emergency, you can safely drive the Pet to an emergency Vet and can use the Internet with safety and caution.

Yes. You are able to specify your general availability on your calendar. But once you are booked - a booking is a commitment to honour your word.

Yes. You specify this on your listing.

Step 1. Join free through the website or by downloading the App to your phone. www.petcloud.com.au/signup

Step 2. Get Verified & Trained
All applicants must upload a recent National Australian Police check received in the last 12 months or apply to undergo a new check. Take our Mandatory Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Course

Step 3. Set up your Profile & Create your own listing
Your listing is your very own business web page on PetCloud. You can direct customers to it to read your reviews from past customers, see photos, see the services you offer, and see your prices, check your calendar of availability, and book you.

Step 4. Share your Custom Business Cards & your PetCloud Links.
Request these from our team. Also check out PetCloud Merchandise to look professional.

Step 5. View Pet Jobs on our Pet Jobs Board & Respond to enquiries
Viewing our pet jobs board or respond to private messages from Pet Owners searching their local area for Pet Care Services.

Insurance is already provided in every booking under PetCloud’s insurance policy and PetCloud retains a percentage when we pay you at the end of the stay. So no, you don’t need to buy additional insurance. Insurance is important so that you or the Pet Owner isn’t hit with large Veterinary bills in the event of a pet accident during a walk.

PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted Pet Care services company. We are a 5 year old, national company part owned by RSPCA Qld with a mission to help make responsible pet care easy.

Your goal is to ensure dogs enjoy regular exercise, loving companionship, and positive reinforcement. Exercise through dog walks has huge mental and physical benefits for dogs as it increases serotonin, increases relaxation, keeps dogs in great shape, decreases problem barking, and provides them with mental stimulation as they sniff their surroundings.

  • Visiting Pet Owner’s homes to take their dog for a walk for a 30 minute or 1 hour walk then safely return them home
  • Keeping dogs hydrated
  • Ensuring dog walks are done of the early morning or evening to avoid the risk of heatstroke and burnt paws.
  • Provide the leashed dog with clean water, pick up and dispose of their stools in the bin and report to the Owner any unusual consistency of their dog's stool.
  • Safely navigate dog introductions with other dogs and people
  • Avoid situations that are anxiety producing for their pet and will have full control of them at all times, especially during any trigger events such as birds, cats, traffic, or certain other dogs.
  • Positively Handling any Strong Unsocialised Dogs, or Leash Aggression.
  • Being prepared in Intense Weather (rain/hail/sun),
  • Being prepared if other Pet Owners who allow their dog off the leash in public with no control who will come bounding over to your client’s dog.
  • You are a great communicator, reliable, professional, and diligent. You build rapport with clients easily to build a recurring client base.
  • As a Dog Walker you understand (or are willing to learn) canine body language enough to read subtle signals of distress or anxiety in a dog.
  • Flexibility - Enjoy the flexibility of choosing how and when you want to work, and can choose the sizes and breeds of dogs you want to walk.
  • Technology - PetCloud is a fast, friendly, and convenient App & Website that offers escrow payments, Pet Visit reports, and live chat with clients.
  • Safety - Our customer support team sticks by you, and we protect all Dog Walkers with Pet Accident Insurance policy.

To Apply, you must be over 18 years old and undergo a Police check and Training.

To get started, download the PetCloud App:

Apple App Store: https://apple.co/2PifzXs Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/3aFeK2m