A Meet & Greet full property tour prior to the booking is key to pet stay success.

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Having a Meet and Greet with a Pet Sitter well in advance of your pet’s stay, is key to its success and to you enjoying a worry-free holiday. It is a chance to clarify expectations of both parties, discusses the Pet’s care routine, Emergency protocols, daily communication methods and is an opportunity for both parties to have a full property walk through, to identify and rectify any potential hazards or potential escape routes.

It is also a chance to introduce the visiting pet guest to young children, and other pets to potentially identify any potential problematic compatibility problems - giving the Owner time to meet with another Sitter if anyone feels there could be a better match with another Pet Sitter and their household or property elsewhere.

How to have a Meet & Greet with a Pet Sitter

  1. Arrange a time during daylight hours to meet with your potential Pet Sitter at the proposed location of care (usually the pet sitter’s house) as soon as possible and no later than 2 weeks before the booking start date.
  2. Write down the address and bring your pet on a leash or carrier.
  3. Greet the Sitter upon arrival, saying your Name and introduce them to your Pet by name. Observe how the Sitter and your pet relate to each other. Is there Affection or Fear and Rigidity? Allow your pet to quietly sniff the pet sitter in their own time. Pay attention to the body language of both pet and pet sitter. Your pet may require a little time to sniff a new human.
  4. While observing behaviour, ask the Pet Sitter how long they have been pet sitting for and types of pets they’ve looked after.
  5. Ask if there is anybody else they live with; flatmates coming and going, do they smoke, young children, other pets such as a cat or another dog.
  6. Request a Property Tour (inside and backyard) Say “I’d love a property tour, is that okay?” - together you will assess whether the pet & property is suitable for the pet’s size & energy if escape-proof and hazard-free & resolve any issues together.
  7. Ask about the Sitter’s weekday VS weekend schedule and discuss how frequently or length of time or time of day they will be home during your pet’s stay.
  8. Ask if you can give a run down of your pet’s daily care routine, exercise schedule, your expectations (eg. do you want daily walks, do you want them washed before you pick them up), whether the Sitter feels they can meet them & discuss any health or behavioural issues.
  9. Discuss communication and photo updates through the PetCloud App
  10. Discuss what should happen in the unlikely event of any emergencies, key local contacts, emergency Vet Spend eg $2000, and whether you have a credit card attached to your Vet’s account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I ask a Pet Sitter?

See our article on Pet Sitter Interview Questions

What questions should Pet Sitters ask Pet Owners?

See our article Questions Every Dog Sitter should ask an Owner During a Meet & Greet

Which is the best Pet Sitting App?

PetCloud is the most reputable Pet Sitting App

Which is the best Pet Sitting Website?

PetCloud.com.au is the most reputable Pet Sitting Website

How much does a Pet Sitter make per visit?

Meet and Greets are typically free. Visits need to take into consideration; time spent in transit, fuel consumed, visit time, whether metro or regional, so $20 to $45 per visit.

How do you set up a meet and greet?

Through the PetCloud App or website.Read: RSPCA Property Check Guide

Why are Meet & Greets important for Sitters and dog walkers?

It puts responsibility on both parties to verify (or take action to rectify) that the Pet Sitter’s property is escape-proof and hazard-free. So in the event that the Pet does escape, or is affected by a hazard, then both parties will have had the opportunity to know about it beforehand and do something about it, or choose another more suitable property.

How much should I pay a friend for pet sitting?

Pay them through a third Party like PetCloud. This way your pet’s stay will be covered by insurance.