Pet Taxi Service

Post a Job

Create a Profile for you & your Pet, Connect your Credit Card to your PetCloud Account, then post a job.

Sitters Apply

Available, local, insured Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers will apply. Browse their listings, read reviews, see photographs, check verifications & training achieved.

Meet & Greet

Meet & Greet your chosen Sitter to check for your pet's Compatibility with them, their pets, & property. Your pets are not staying just yet. This is to interview the Sitter & check their property is escape proof & hazard-free together.

Was it a Match?

PetCloud will ask you whether you felt the Sitter, Property, & Pets were compatable with your Pets. Thumbs Up = Your Card wil be charged. Thumbs down = the auth drops off your card and you can make contact with other preferred Sitters.

Pack & Travel

Pack your Pet's bags and drop them off. Receive daily photo updates, insurance, & Customer Support.

Review & Release

Pick up your pet & leave a review telling other Pet Owners how it went. We then release the funds once both parties are happy.

Don't want to take an annual leave day off work just to help your pet meet their regular appointments? We can help! PetCloud's Pet Taxi Service can be used for taking Pets to Vets or Grooming Appointments, or for round trip Pick up and round trip Drop offs at the Start and End of a Pet Stay.

Approximate prices are as follows:

  1. 0 to 15km: from $40
  2. 15km to 25km: from $55
  3. 25km to 30km: from $70
  4. 30km to 40km: from $99
  5. over 40km: email for a custom quote

PetCloud Pet Taxi Drivers are Police Checked, hold an Australian Driver's License, and are insured, and trained.

All dogs being picked up will need to be wearing a harness that a seat belt adapter can be clipped onto, and must all be wearing a leash upon pick up.

All cats must be contained in a secure cat carrier that can be secured to a seatbelt.