Pet Sitter Verification Badges

Accredited Pet Sitter Badge PetCloud Accredited
These Sitters have skills and knowledge it takes to give dogs & cats excellent care to the standard the RSPCA expects. It covers Safe & Secure Home Preparation, Client Communication, Handling and Caring for Canines, Handling and Caring for Felines, Sanitation Requirements, Pet Emergencies, Human Safety, Local and State Laws. This badge is exclusively accredited for the PetCloud platform only.
Vet Nurse Badge Accredited Vet Nurse
This person has provided evidence that they are an Accredited Vet Nurse and have a Cert IV from an RTO.
First Aid Badge First Aid
These Pet Sitters have shown proof in obtaining formal First Aid from a recognised institution
Police Checked badge Police Checked
Get a Background Check badge by completing a voluntary background check with our partner. PetCloud offers background checks so that this can add credibility to your sitter profile and attract new clients to your services.
Reliable badge Reliable
This Sitter has proven themselves to be reliable in providing responsible pet sitting care
Responsive Badge Responsive
This Sitter gives timely responses to questions
Preferred Sitter Preferred Sitter
These Sitters are a part of the "PetCloud Preferred". This badge says these Sitters have expertise, experience, and close attention to sitter quality and performance.
NDIS Trained
This Sitter has completed an NDIS orientation e-learning module called ‘Quality, Safety and You’, that covers human rights, respect, risk, and the roles and responsibilities of NDIS workers. They also adhere to the NDIS Code of Conduct and have also been screened and passed a National Police Check within the last 12 months.
Right to work in Australia
This Sitter has uploaded evidence that they have the right to work in Australia.
Yellow Card
This Sitter’s criminal history has been assessed, relative to their suitability to work with people with a disability.
Qualified Pet Taxi Driver
These Pet Sitters have provided a valid current Driver's License showing that they are above 18 years of age. They also confirmed that they: have access to a vehicle that meets PetCloud's vehicle requirements Hold a valid full driver’s licence in their state or territory and have no disqualifications Have held a full driver’s licence in any Australian state or territory for at least 12 months Provided all the necessary documents required in their state or territory Are listed as an insured driver for the vehicle they plan to drive Their vehicle is roadworthy, and registered with your State's Department of Transport.Their vehicle is be a 4-door sedan or 4WD, & seats 4 or more passengers excluding driver.Their vehicle is year 2010 or newer.Their vehicle has In-state plates.Their vehicle has no marked, taxi, or salvaged vehicles. They also have no DUI or drug-related offenses. No incidents of driving without insurance or license.No fatal accidents No history of reckless driving. No criminal history.
Certified Fear-free Groomer
This Sitter has provided a Certificate from a recognised Registered Training Organisation that they are a Certified Groomer in Fear-Free Grooming.
Certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer
This Sitter has provided proof of current membership that has been verified from one of two organisations that have a register of Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainers across Australia: PPG Australia OR and the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Australia.