Pet Sitter Verification Badges

PetCloud Accredited
These Sitters have skills and knowledge it takes to give dogs & cats excellent care to the standard the RSPCA expects. It covers Safe & Secure Home Preparation, Client Communication, Handling and Caring for Canines, Handling and Caring for Felines, Sanitation Requirements, Pet Emergencies, Human Safety, Local and State Laws. This badge is exclusively accredited for the PetCloud platform only.
Accredited Vet Nurse
This person has provided evidence that they are an Accredited Vet Nurse and have a Cert IV from an RTO.
First Aid
These Pet Sitters have shown proof in obtaining formal First Aid from a recognised institution
Police Checked
Get a Background Check badge by completing a voluntary background check with our partner. PetCloud offers background checks so that this can add credibility to your sitter profile and attract new clients to your services.
This Sitter has proven themselves to be reliable in providing responsible pet sitting care
This Sitter gives timely responses to questions
Preferred Sitter
These Sitters are a part of the "PetCloud Preferred". This badge says these Sitters have expertise, experience, and close attention to sitter quality and performance.


PetCloud Preferred badgeBecome a part of the "PetCloud Preferred" and get the badge that shouts out your expertise, experience, and close attention to sitter quality and performance. Many of PetCloud's best sitters are members of the PetCloud Preferred, and here’s how you can participate too:

  • Display a high-quality profile, including a well-written description and at least three photos of yourself and your home.
  • Complete at least 5 stays.
  • Maintain an average rating of at least 4.5 stars.
  • Present an availability calendar that’s consistently up to date.
  • Respond to at least 90% of requests within 24 hours.