PetCloud is Australia's most trusted pet sitting community. Be sure to use a Pet Sitter that puts you and your pets needs ahead of their own and covers every base to give you complete peace of mind for every stay.

In the event a minder's actions lead to loss, injury or damage to property, at a Pet Owners home, this cover will protect you:

  • A pet escapes and gets injured while in a Pet Sitter's care
  • A pet is injured and requires Veterinary treatment
  • A pet injures another pet while in care
  • An excess of $1500 is required by the Pet Sitter in the event of a successful claim whether the Pet Sitter is at fault or otherwise

NOTE: for the following policies to take effect, ALL pet sitting must be booked via the website and paid in full. All claims must then be received within 30 days of the incident that is deemed to have caused the claim.

  • Public Liability cover
  • Care Custody & Control cover (the visiting pet)

While these policies are good back stops, they are no replacement for common sense, conducting thorough meet and greets, backyard inspections, booking RSPCA accredited Sitters and ensuring the Pet Sitter has all the information they need to care for your unique pet while you are away.

We provide the following to you as an owner or a minder to have maximum peace of mind:

  • Free Host Insurance
  • RSPCA Accredited Online Training Portal
  • Police Checks

Hypothetical Situations

  • Scenario 1 A Pet Owner takes a dog for a walk in the park 1 day before the pet stay begins. The dog eats some old meat in the park and the next day is dropped off at the sitters and appears fine. Then in the sitters care gets sick and has to go to vet. The Pet Owner would need Pet Insurance to cover the vet bill (for accident and Illness) as there is no negligence from the pet sitter’s actions.
  • Scenario 2 Person is doing house sitting at the Owners home and is told not to let dog inside. Dog gets in side and chews furniture. Furniture is covered.
  • Scenario 3 A Pet Sitter takes a visiting dog for a walk in a nearby park and the dog gets a tick. In the sitters care gets sick and has to go to vet. The Pet Owner