About Us

PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted pet sitting community. We provide the following to you as an owner or a Pet Sitter to have maximum peace of mind.

  • Exclusively backed by RSPCA Qld
  • Comprehensive Insurance Policies
  • GPS Trackers and mobile apps
  • RSPCA Accredited Online Training Portal
  • Police Checks (optional)

Be sure to use a Pet Sitter that puts you and your pets needs ahead of their own and covers every base to give you complete peace of mind for every stay.

Founded in August of 2014 and based in Brisbane, Australia, PetCloud is a trusted community for people to list, discover, and book trusted Pet Sitters and Pet Care Services across Australia — online or from a mobile phone or tablet. Whether your furry or feathered pet needs day care, overnight care, boarding for a week, or for a month, PetCloud connects busy Pet Owners, with Caring local Sitters and Pet Service Providers at any price point across cities and suburbs. And with world-class customer service and a growing community of users, PetCloud is the easiest way for people to monetise their backyard or lounge room and showcase it to an audience of millions.

At PetCloud, we have a heart for connecting communities, no matter what pets you have. We also strive to ensure you have only the best care experience possible.

Thanks to input from the amazing staff at RSPCA Qld, the founding team of PetCloud have attempted to nut out scenarios, processes, safety, and procedures to ensure animal welfare is at centre of PetCloud.

As a proud Partner of RSPCA Qld we value your feedback and are always making improvements as advancements in technology progress.

How we began

In 2007 Deb, the founder of PetCloud, saw an opportunity in at-home local pet care when she frequently experienced a lack of availability when trying to book a pet stay with kennels and found that over peak periods, facilities around the city were quite booked out.
Other factors that she experienced were;

  • Family members weren't pet lovers
  • Employers req’d her to be away interstate (often at short notice)
  • Her dogs picked up canine cough and seemed a little shaken up after previously boarding at a kennel
  • It was a very impersonal experience
  • Difficult to negotiate times if her plane was late to pick up pets as the kennel had set times.

When she did use an at-home boarding service, she had to wait for the paperwork to arrive in the post and then drive across town to meet a person she knew nothing about, didn’t know what they looked like, or what qualifications they had.
All of this made her think: “Surely I’m not the only one, and this has got to be online!” And after asking other friends who had pets, she confirmed they had all experienced similar challenges.

And so, PetCloud was born.

Why it Matters

Pet Owners without a network of animal lovers nearby to rely on can find it difficult and stressful finding pet care. Sometimes its moving house, a relationship break up and a new home living situation, a renovation, interstate funerals, a holiday, an interstate corporate meeting, sickness, accident, a new job requiring fly-in, fly-out rosters, hospitalisation, late stage pregnancy and labour, shift work, all kinds of reasons are why people need pet sitters, house sitters, groomers, vet taxis, and dog walkers.

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