About Us

We're Australian through & through

PetCloud is an Australian owned and run company guided by experts and industry leaders from the Animal Welfare, Pet & Vet, and IT industries. Founded in August of 2014 and headquartered in Brisbane, PetCloud is a trusted community for Pet Owners to Search, Connect, and easily Book verified & insured Pet Care Services across Australia — from any internet connected device. It's a safe, convenient and affordable way to make sure your best friend is in a loving home while you're away.

Every Booking gives back

When you book with PetCloud, you are helping to change the lives of pets and people everywhere. PetCloud is part-owned by RSPCA Queensland, and the RSPCA's National Call Centre provide us with Customer Support which we pay them for which helps fund their rescue work.


Our management team has over 50 years of experience running Business Operations. Our IT team has over a decade of experience creating online solutions for some of the most recognised brands in the travel, defence, and education industries. Follow our company page on linkedin


PetCloud is also a Finalist for the Lord Mayor's High-Growth Business Start-Up, a finalist for the Lord Mayor's ISPT award for Digital Strategy and it's Founder, Deb Morrison, was also mentioned in Business News Australia's 40 Under 40: Top Young Entrepreneurs.

Business Model

PetCloud is based on a sharing economy model, & is the easiest way for animal lovers who want to monetise their backyard, car, and services and showcase it online to busy Pet Owners searching for in-home pet care services.

Animal Types Cared for

Our focus is on domestic pets, and small hobby farms. Whether your furry, feathered, or scaled pet needs day care, overnight care, boarding for a week, a month or longer.

Services Offered

Our Pet Care Service Providers choose the services they wish to offer, for the prices they want to offer them for. Services include: Doggy Day Care, Dog Sitting, Dog Walking, House Sitting, Cat Sitting, Dog Grooming, Pet Taxi, Dog Training.

Animal Welfare Guidance & Support

Our Partnerships enables us to receive valuable guidance from RSPCA staff in the review of our processes and interactions between all parties. We also exclusively offer Online Pet Sitter Training - Accredited by RSPCA Qld.

Your Safety Matters

Being a female-led company, trust and safety is our top priority. Our team also uses the website to meet Sitters for our own pet's care. Read more about Verifications and Trust & Safety.

Transparent Feedback

With our world-class customer service and a growing community, we strive to ensure you have only the best care experience possible. We also enable Pet Owners to leave unbiased public feedback on Pet Sitter listings for every stay.

How we began

In 2007 Deb saw an opportunity in at-home local pet care when she frequently experienced a lack of availability when trying to book a pet stay with kennels and found that over peak periods, facilities around the city were quite booked out.

Other factors that she experienced were;

  • Family members weren't pet lovers
  • Employers req’d her to be away interstate (often at short notice)
  • Her dogs picked up canine cough and seemed a little shaken up after previously boarding at a kennel
  • It was a very impersonal experience
  • Difficult to negotiate a change in pick up times if her plane was late to pick up pets as the kennel had strict closing times.
  • When she did use an at-home boarding service, she had to wait for the paperwork to arrive in the post and then drive across town to meet a person she knew nothing about, didn’t know what they looked like, or what qualifications they had.

All of this made her think: “Surely I’m not the only one, this has got to be online!” And after asking other friends who had pets, she confirmed they had all experienced similar challenges.

And so, PetCloud was born.

Why it Matters

Pet Owners without a network of animal lovers nearby to rely on can find it difficult and stressful finding pet care. Sometimes its moving house, a relationship break up and a new home living situation, a renovation, interstate funerals, a holiday, an interstate corporate meeting, sickness, accident, a new job requiring fly-in, fly-out rosters, hospitalisation, late stage pregnancy and labour, shift work, all kinds of reasons are why people need pet sitters, house sitters, groomers, vet taxis, and dog walkers.