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Your Fish and Turtle’s Happiness is Our Priority

Whether you own a long neck Turtle, Axolotl, Goldfish, Guppies, Barbs, Danios, Tetras, Betta, Rainbow Fish, Molly or Siamese Fighters - we will help you care for them if you need to be away.

We understand that Fish and Turtles are more than just pets – they're cherished members of your family. Our reliable Fish Sitters and Turtle Sitters are committed to providing the care, attention, and love that your fish needs.

With personalised care, booked through PetCloud, your Fish will feel happy and content.

How do I find Fish Sitters near me?



Download the PetCloud App, post a job and available Sitters will apply to you.


Meet and Greet

Meet your chosen Fish Sitter at the proposed location of care before the stay.


Pay via PetCloud

Seamlessly book and securely pay using the PetCloud digital wallet.


Pack, Travel and Relax

Pack your bags, drop off your Fish and relax knowing they are in the best care.

What type of carers are available for my Fish?

It depends on your set up, quantity and what service you need. For example if you own 1 fish, and their bowl or tank is very portable, you might have your fish stay at a Fish Sitter’s home.

If you own a large tank, and own multiple Fish, or large Fish, you might book a Sitter that offers Home Visits once daily or twice daily.

If you are away for longer than a few days, a House Sitter to come and stay in your home in a guest room could be the best solution.

Why Choose PetCloud to Book Fish Sitters?

Strong focus on Animal Welfare: PetCloud provides all Fish Sitters with an animal care training course created in collaboration with the RSPCA. This course ensures Sitters are well-versed in Fish behaviour, dietary needs, and special requirements, ensuring your pet's health and happiness.

Make an impact with your booking PetCloud is part-owned by one of Australia’s oldest animal welfare rescue and advisory organisations, RSPCA Qld.

Police checked Sitters: 100% of Pet Sitters on PetCloud are police checked to ensure our commitment to quality.

Comfort of Home: Fish and turtles will stay in their own tank. Sitters can visit your home, providing a sense of security and comfort for your fish-babies.

Insured bookings: We understand that every Fish is unique. Our sitters tailor their care to match your pet's personality and preferences. Whether your Fish loves playtime, lap cuddles, or simply observing the world from their cage, we've got it covered.

Regular Food and Water Visits: Fishs have specific dietary needs that require careful attention. With PetCloud, our reliable sitters ensure that your Fish’s food and water bowls are filled to your requirements. You can rest easy knowing that your Fish's nutritional needs are being met consistently.

Daily photo updates: Our sitters provide daily updates, including photos and updates about your Fish activities and well-being. You'll be able to see firsthand that your pet is in good hands, even when you're away.

How to Book a Fish Sitter near you

Booking a Fish Sitter is easy:

  1. Sign Up: Sign up for a PetCloud account and create a Profile for your Fish, your Fish’s care requirements and preferences.
  2. Post a Job: Post a job for the dates you need for the service type you want. Police checked and insured available Sitters will apply to care for your Fishie. Accept the application of the Sitter you want to meet with.
  3. Meet in person: If after meeting at the proposed location of fish care - you felt it was a good fit - its a match! The Sitter will click a ‘Pre-approve’ button so that you can then Pay PetCloud in your inbox before the booking begins.

Can Fish be left alone for a week?

Depending on the type of fish, how many fish you own and the size of the tank, you might be able to leave your pet fish alone for 2 to 7 days.

Two days prior to leaving you will need to do a partial water change, vacuum the substrate with an aquarium syphon, and clean the filter if needed. This way, you have time afterwards to observe the fish and make sure everything's working well before you leave.

If you are heading away, and don’t have time for this, book help with your Fish Tank Clean through PetCloud to come in to clean, change the water and feed your fish with your instructions.

All equipment such as Gravel Cleaners, Magnetic Cleaners, Scrapers, Brushes, Pads, Silicone and Cleaning Kits must be provided by the Pet Owner.

Expert Care for All Fish Species

At PetCloud, we understand that each fish species has specific care requirements. Our experienced sitters are well-versed in caring for a variety of fish, including goldfish, tropical fish, and saltwater fish. From maintaining appropriate water quality and temperature to regular feeding and tank maintenance, our sitters have the expertise to ensure your fish receive the care they need for optimal health and well-being.

Water Quality and Temperature

We recognize that water quality and temperature play a crucial role in the overall health of your fish. Many fish species are sensitive to fluctuations in these factors, and improper conditions can lead to stress, illness, or even death. With PetCloud, you can trust that our sitters will carefully monitor and maintain the ideal water parameters for your fish. Whether it's the right pH level, appropriate salt content, or ensuring the water is at the correct temperature, our sitters will follow your instructions meticulously to provide a safe and comfortable environment for your fish.

Customised Care for Different Fish Species

Different fish species have varying care requirements, and our sitters understand the unique needs of each type. For example:

Goldfish: While goldfish require less care and expense compared to other fish, they still need regular feeding and tank maintenance. Our sitters will ensure your goldfish are fed appropriately and that their tank remains clean and well-maintained according to your written instructions.

Tropical Fish: Tropical fish require specific temperature conditions to thrive. Our sitters will diligently monitor and maintain suitable temperatures according to your instructions for your tropical fish, creating an optimal environment for their growth and vitality.

Saltwater Fish: Saltwater fish demand the most care and expense. Our experienced sitters will ensure the water quality and temperature of your saltwater aquarium are precisely controlled. From managing the salinity levels to providing the right conditions for delicate coral and other marine life, we'll ensure your saltwater fish receive the exceptional care they require.

Fortnightly Home Visits

PetCloud offers a convenient online booking and scheduling website and app that allows you to book regular fortnightly home visits for fish tank cleaning and water conditioning. Our reliable sitters will follow your written instructions meticulously, providing thorough tank cleaning, maintaining proper water parameters, and ensuring your fish are fed with the right amount of food. You can trust our sitters to carry out the necessary maintenance tasks while adhering to your specific care instructions.

Don't let the complexities of fish care hinder your ability to enjoy your aquarium and maintain healthy fish. Choose PetCloud as your trusted partner, and our dedicated pet sitters will provide expert care and attention to detail, ensuring the well-being of your fish. Join our community of satisfied fish owners today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your aquatic companions are in capable hands. Book your fish's home visits with PetCloud now!

How often should you clean a fish tank?

It depends on how many fish you have, and how messy they are - most tanks require cleaning approximately every 2 weeks.

Cleaning involves:

  • Syphoning the gravel to remove debris or uneaten food.
  • Changing about 10-15% of the water.
  • Check the filter is functioning correctly.
  • Wiping the glass to remove algae
  • Check the filter is working correctly.
  • The filter sponges can be rinsed in water taken from the aquarium to clean them.

If your aquarium is smelly, or you have an algae problem, then clean your aquarium more frequently. However, these signs do indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Get into the habit of testing your water quality every time you clean out the aquarium to make sure everything is OK.

Ensure the Health and Happiness of Your Fish with PetCloud's Professional Home Visits