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Melbourne Based Pet Sitters for your Dog or Cat

Melbourne may consistently be voted as one of the best places to live in the entire world. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to leave it sometimes. When you do, you have to go through the whole struggle of finding a trustworthy pet sitter in Melbourne all over again Or worse, leave your pet in a kennel or cattery.

While having a sitter is better than alternatives, there’s no formula for finding the perfect pet sitter (although we do have this handy article), but Petclouds processes might be as close as you can get; providing reviewed, RSPCA accredited individuals that you and your dog or cat can meet before dropping them off while you’re out of town.Much better than pulling a random phone number off the local message board or, entrusting your loved one to friends who may not share your enthusiasm and affection for your fur baby.

Any pet that meows or barks is going to be more comfortable with their family, but, the next best thing is not a dog kennel or cattery. Its to introduce them to a new friend! Many Petcloud Dog Sitters become longtime friends of our clients and our pets and are just as happy as they are when you have to take a trip out of town.

Pets can be extremely nervous when put in a new environment like a kennel but, a Pet Sitter has some advantages versus a local Melbourne dog kennel such as;


  1. Focused care
    - Catteries and Kennels are busy. While that can be fun for your pet, it can also be a problem. Kennel staff are hard working people but, with so many animals, they can’t always ensure your pet gets the attention it deserves. This issue is especially true if your dog or cat has special needs. Which is our next point;
  2. Your Pets Special Needs are Met
    - Kennels are busy and special needs animals such as dogs with epilepsy, diabetes or severe arthritis. Entrusting the care of your special needs pet to a Pet Sitter ensures peace of mind that instructions are carried out and not passed off or forgotten.
  3. Pet Pals
    - Any time you’re away from Melbourne, you’re going to miss your pet. In a commercial kennel, you might be able to call and check up on your pet’s wellbeing but, they’ll likely say “Everything is fine” without really knowing. However, with a Pet Sitter, you and your pet can be Pet Pals through pictures and updates. Because our sitters aren’t overburdened with too many pets, a silly photo or status update is something many are happy to do.
  4. Home Turf
    - Pet Sitters generally take care of your pet in their home. The beauty of Pet Cloud pet sitters being all over the Melbourne city and suburbs means that you might find someone in your local area. Your dog could be walking around their local park or neighbourhood instead of stuck running around a kennel 40 minutes away. Additionally, if you’d like your pet looked after in your own home, many of our sitters can also provide house sitting.
  5. Home is where the bark is
    - Pets like a home environment too. Sleeping in a yard or bed somewhere where they are free to roam is significantly more comfortable for them than a cage or enclosure next to 50 other animals. No one likes to stay in what feels like a prison.
  6. Safety
    - A single pet sitter taking care of your pet in their home can only manage one booking at a time, there aren’t any aggressive other animals, or unvaccinated or neutered pets running around in the same vicinity that could cause your pet harm.
  7. Due diligence
    - You have no way to know if a cattery or dog kennel has dotted their i’s and crossed their t’s. A PetCloud Pet Sitter has that displayed on their profile. Being able to see ratings and reviews as well as, accreditations, access to transport and, police background checks and, meeting your sitter before the drop-off means you can sleep easy knowing your four-legged family is safe and taken care of well.

As Pet Owner, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what a good pet parent (or short term substitute) looks like. If the above didn’t convince you of the helpfulness of a local pet sitter then take a look at some of these verified sitter’s profiles;


Erica - Based in St Kilda she has 4 cats of her own to look after but also takes on fostering stray on occasion. With 11 years of experience, she knows how to take care of animals.
Erica - pet sitter in St Kilda Vic

Katie - A pet minding extraordinaire! A certified animal lover, she’s a mum to four budgies and an adorable whippet she hosts pets from her North Melbourne home in Coburg.
Katie - North Melbourne Dog and Cat Sitter

Rebecca - She may be youthful but her enthusiasm and warmth for animals has landed her many 5 star reviews from grateful pet owners who leave their pets with her in her Bentleigh home.
Rebecca is a dog sitter and pet-lover based in Bentleigh Melbourne

These loved and experienced sitterse are only a sample of some of the top talent that you can expect from a PetCloud Pet Sitter; genuine open hearts and homes ready to take your Cat or Dog in.

So what are you waiting for? Book one of our friendly sitters for your precious pet now!