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RSPCA Accredited Pet Sitting Gold Coast

The Gold Coast has over 60,000 pet dogs making it one of the most popular cities for our furry friends. If you're reading this, you're likely an owner of one of those 60,000 beloved pets.

We know how much of a struggle it can be to find a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter to leave your fur baby with. In fact, it might be impossible to find someone who would spoil your best friend as you do. But, we have the next best option; RSPCA accredited, police-checked and passionate pet sitters. Dog sitting on the Gold Coast has never been safer and easier!

Why is it better than a Dog Kennel? 

OK, of course, we would say that, right? Truth be told though, there are many reasons you might want to consider a Pet Sitter for your pet instead of placing them in a kennel or cattery. Such as;

  1. A familiar environment
    Kennels can be a very intimidating and unfamiliar environment for your pets. They're often noisy, smelly and to top it off, your pets spend most of their time in a cage. However, being introduced to caring friendly pet sitters and a welcoming home, like theirs, is a familiar environment for them. Our pet sitters offer flexible arrangements that cover daily visits to house sitting.
  2. Passionate Pet Sitting
    Do you walk your dog around the block each day? Or maybe take them to the park? A Pet Sitter can do the same. Kennels don't provide your furry friends with much attention and room to play. With a dog sitter, your dog can stick closer to their routine and active lifestyle. Not to mention our sitters are mostly pet owners themselves, so they know what it takes.
  3. Safety first!
    Is the dog in the kennel next to yours vaccinated? Does it play nice with others? These are questions you don’t need to worry about with a professional pet minder from PetCloud.You can meet and see who your dog will be spending time with while you’re away. No wildcards (or animals) here!.
  4. Personal Attention
    Your best friends are likely used to a lot of love and attention. Kennels are often lonely and don't provide the care they need.
    Especially at night when the staff finish their shift and head home. This isn't the case when staying with our pet sitters. Your pets receive the same care and attention you would provide and are available 24/7.

Local Pet Lovers  

Still, need convincing? Meet some of the passionate Pet Sitters around Surfers Paradise below. In just a few clicks these pet-mad sitters (in a good way) are ready to take your dog or cat into their home.

Beverly - A true animal lover, with her own Schitzu/Maltese fur baby, Beverly enjoys her retirement passionately caring for others beloved pets who treats them as her own. A 5-star rating pet sitter backed with the perfect home environment and yard space for pets of all shapes and sizes.
Beverley, Small dog minding in Carrara

Belinda - In the past has worked in veterinary clinics and animal rescue shelters. Belinda has a real passion for pets and animals. Her adopted pets mean the world to her, and she treats every pet with the same care as her own. Another proud 5-star pet sitter on the Gold Coast with Pet Cloud.
Belinda, Gold Coast Pet Sitting

Natasha - Natasha Hughes and her caring family enjoy nothing else more than seeing a friendly wagging tail in the house. The family recently said goodbye to their rescue Japanese Spitz of 9 years and aren't yet ready to bring in a new family member. Until they do the Hughes are welcoming pets to care for in the meantime as their own.
The Hughes crew is there for you, Pet sitting in Labrador

Why Choose one of our Pet Sitters

Ever purchased something online before and didn't get what you expected? Ever had a problem with a local business when buying something? Would you ever want a bad experience like that with your beloved pet? 

Neither would we. That's why we have the right systems in place to ensure both you and your pet have top-quality experiences. We do this by having;

  • A transparent rating system
    Imagine if you could see the rating of each person in the cafe you visit or, the car dealership when you go to make a purchase. With our 1-5 star system. You can see who stands above the rest in care and potentially who to avoid.


  • Liability insurance for your pet
    Full liability insurance is covered for every contract on the Pet Cloud website. Although the worst rarely occurs. We make sure you’re covered when it does.  


  • 24/7 emergency contact and support
    Our Customer Support is run by the RSPCA’s national call centre .
    The RSPCA and Petcloud are teamed up, so you and your pet sitter can get in touch with someone 24/7 for advice when it counts.


  • Support for the RSPCA
    We give back to the RSPCA. Helping animals like yours get adopted, rescued and taken care of.

So, what are you waiting for?
Find the perfect dog sitter on the Gold Coast above and book one today for your pet before you go away. It's peace of mind for you, and a huge enjoyment for your pet.