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  • Track the real time location of your client's trip on a map and view the ETA.
  • Pay in advance via card or discuss with us about weekly invoices.
  • Real time push notifications.
  • Ability to enter pickup and drop off location manually or by dropping a pin on the map.
  • Provide clients with fare estimates before booking
  • Book via your Business Portal.
  • Book on demand, or schedule a ride in advance

How Pet and Vet Businesses can book a Pet Taxi


Submit your expression of Interest

Once you have access, book the dates and times your needs the service that aligns with their grooming or vet appointments. It can be scheduled on demand, or up to 72hrs in advance.


Tell Pet Owners they should Prepare their Dog with a Body Harness or Cat Carrier

If they don’t have one, you can buy online or get from a pet store.


Your Customer's Pet is picked up

Their pet is picked up and taken to their appointment.


Your Customer's Pet is dropped off

Their pet is picked up and taken home again

Pet Taxis, a safe and convenient pet transport service

Pet Taxi

More Pet & Vet businesses like yours, prefer PetCloud's national network of Pet Taxi Drivers. PetCloud is the most trusted booking service in Australia, and it is part-owned by Australia’s oldest and most respected Animal welfare Charity, RSPCA Qld, and offers:

  • PetCloud Pet Taxi Drivers are Police Checked, hold an Australian Driver's License, and trained in animal handling.
  • All PetCloud Pet Taxi Drivers are insured with Liability Insurance up to $10M and Pet Transit Insurance up to $5M
  • National Customer Support by RSPCA Qld on shore, in Australia


To submit an expression of interest in accessing our Business Portal, fill in this contact form and our Partnerships Team will contact you.

Trips are able to be booked and managed via the business portal. Business support for Groomers, Vets and corporate partners: Email: partners@petcloud.com.au

FAQs for Businesses

PetCloud's pet taxis are driven by Police checked, insured Pet Sitters in 4 door sedans or SUVs that are less than 10 yrs old.
The cost of booking a Pet Taxi with PetCloud can range from $25 to $50 for short trips, though you may be eligible for discounts if you have a coupon code. The total cost depends on distance of the trip, time taken to complete the booking, where it is a Day or Night trip, any extra wait time, special care requirements etc. You can get an estimate on the App while booking your Pet Taxi.
PetCloud Pet Taxi Drivers are Police Checked, hold an Australian Driver's License, and are insured, and trained in animal handling.
They should prepare their Dog with a Body Harness or Cat Carrier. If they don't have those, they need to buy one. They will need to have a loop so that a car seatbelt or our seatbelt adaptor can connect to it to secure your pet during transit.
PetCloud has Pet Taxis specifically for unaccompanied Pets. We can't speak for what other taxis offer but we have heard generally not.
It depends on the distance of the trip.
To avoid car sickness, Pet Owners should not feed pets for a couple of hours before a car trip, as vomiting food becomes more likely if food is in the stomach. Once in the car, allowing fresh air and enabling the dog to see through a window may help alleviate motion sickness in some dogs. Puppies are more likely to get motion sickness than older dogs. If your pet is prone to vomiting during transport and they vomit, you may be required to pay for a clean up fee.
You will be required to an Animal Ambulance as we don't offer emergency transport.
Yes, you can track your pet's journey with our Pet Taxi app(coming soon) which you can download here.

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Safe Stays

Safe Stays

We help you book safe and secure pet stays.

Insured Sitters

Insured Sitters

We help you book safe and secure pet stays.

Police Checked

Police Checked

We ensure all sitters are police checked.



Our website provides a written agreement for your services booked.

Trained Minders

Trained Minders

RSPCA Accredited Pet Care Training provided to sitters and walkers.

RSPCA Support

RSPCA Support

RSPCA-run National Customer Support.

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