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Need more information about Pet Hosting in Nundah, QLD?

Planning a trip away doesn’t have to be stressful for Pet Parents. Choosing the right pet care service, however, can dissolve any anxiety immediately. Pet Owners who use PetCloud have found our Pet Pet Sitting of the highest standard to give their dog a safe and caring environment.

Our Pet Sitters in Nundah welcome your dog or cat and make them feel at home. PetCloud helps you leave behind the risk of your pet staying with an unvaccinated or dangerous dogs, through our large variety of Pet Care Service Providers who offer a lower rate than kennels, so that, both you and your pet can be at ease when apart.

The advantages of having your pet stay with a Pet Sitter in their home include:

  • Eliminating the trauma of travel – having to deal with road stops that may not be pet- friendly, and pets may get car sick. If you choose to transport your pet, not all pet transport companies are created equal in their standards of care. The cost to transport your pet can also be very expensive.
  • Maintaining their Routine - We ask all of our dog owners to meet up with the Pet Sitter before the first payment. We want you to know you have someone trustworthy caring for your pet. We also want you to explain the daily routine for your dog. Our pet hosts understand how important it is to keep your dog on their daily diet and exercise routine they are accustomed to.
  • The Comfort of Home – Pet Sitting brings your dog into a home environment. Staying at home in his/her safe, secure environment. Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells and sounds. Doing this reminds them of their own home. This type of environment will help them to settle in, while minimising stress and anxiety of being away from you.
  • Freedom- Your dog will be cared for in an intimate setting with Pet Sitting, not caged in a kennel. They will have the Pet Sitter monitoring their individual needs and welcoming your dog into their home. Having the certainty your dog is well cared for in a loving environment will help you relax while you are away.
  • Personal Attention – The quantity and quality of care time your pet Sitter gives your dog cannot be matched in a kennel. In Pet Sitting your pet will not be an animal to be checked on periodically, but instead will be interacting, playing and hanging out with a trusted and reliable and animal-loving caregiver and will be a part of their home activity.
  • Reasonable Rates – Pet Sitting is an affordable alternative to kennels as Pet Sitters list their own prices and longer term care is often able to be negotiated during a Meet & Greet at a cheaper rate than displayed on their listing.
  • Health – Physically and mentally your dog will get more attention, more exercise, and more personal interaction with a loving caregiver. With Pet Sitting you not only avoid unknown people, but also keep animals with questionable behaviour and health issues from having any interaction with your beloved fur baby. Helping to ensure good health (no exposure to other animals’ illness or parasites). Also having 1 dedicated person responsible in case of an emergency means higher responsibility is taken.

Why should you choose a PetCloud Pet Sitter? Not all pet sitters are created equal, nor are they all professional. In hiring a pet sitter, it is important to make sure you have chosen the right person to care for your much loved pet.