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Sitter For Small Young Dogs Who Would Also Like a Doggie Playmate

Kalorama, VIC

About This Listing

Our place is suitable for a small dog that is used to mostly being indoors with people, plays on carpet inside, is allowed on the couch, and taken for daily walks on a leash. This is how we care for our own dog, Moochy.
We live in an A-frame house in the forest. We have a large secure deck with a corner tree area. We made the deck area secure for Moochy, an active Jack Russel.

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Experience Looking After Pets
11 years
Special Skills
  • Puppies
  • Medication
  • Injections

Home Details
Property Type
Backyard Type
Balcony or deck
Other Animals
Our two dogs, Minny and the Moochy.
Distance from Vet
3-5 kms
Children at Location

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Accepts Last Minute Bookings
Access to Car in Emergency
Refund Policy
Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

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Prices are itemised per session below. Note: We don’t offer Once-off Day Care or Walking bookings to guarantee placement for pets who need weekly service.

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Sitter's Refund Policy
Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.



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(6 Reviews)

PetCloud Pet Owner
December 2017
- Reference

Christine is the most wonderful, caring pet sitter we could’ve hoped for! It was great having the peace of mind knowing that both our home, and 13yo staffy cross, were in good hands. Christine cared for our dog beautifully , sending us regular updates and pics. We’ve been so pleased with Christine that we’ve confidently recommended her to friends and would happily have her house and pet sit for us again any time :)

PetCloud Pet Owner
Nicola Rummery
January 2018
- Reference

Christine would assist with looking after my cat Dorian when I had big days at university and wouldn't be home in time to feed him or give him as much exercise as he needed at that time. She put plenty of love into it, and was great with monitoring whether Dorian needed food or if he was just trying to get an extra feed!

PetCloud Pet Owner
Angel Brunette
January 2018
- Reference

I have known Christine for many years, and in this time we have shared a home with animals. Christine is a mature, professional, and deeply caring person. I can easily recommend Christine because I know how respectful she is of people's spaces, and how she cares for and loves animals. Christine is someone you can trust with your beloved animals and your home. She is my first choice when needing someone to care for my cats, and home. You are fortunate to have Christine, as your home and pet sitter, I can assure you.

PetCloud Pet Owner
Piers Parmenter
June 2018
- Reference

Christine looked after our cat for 3.5 weeks while we were overseas, and she was everything we could have hoped for and more. Leading up to the sit, communication was great, with her taking the time to come and meet us, our cat and see our house, to make it sure it would work for all parties. Christine was very organised and thorough, which was very pleasing to see and gave us confidence we had picked the right person. Our cat can be a little standoffish at times with new people, but she took to Christine pretty much right away, which was great to see and again convinced us we'd made the right choice. Our cat is quite old and requires daily injections and pills, neither of which were a problem. While we were away, Christine would send us updates every few days, including little videos, so we could see how Bella(our cat), was doing in our absence. By the end of our trip, we felt as if we had a friend staying at our house, rather than a stranger. When we got home, our cat was exactly as we'd left here, happy, and our house was probably cleaner than when we'd left it. You wouldn't have known we'd been away. I cannot recommend Christine highly enough to look after your house and pets. We will certainly be using her services again. We will always be extremely grateful to Christine for the care she showed to us and our cat.

PetCloud Pet Owner
October 2018
- Reference

Christine house sat for me for 3 weeks. She had a variety of animals to look after as well as the house. 2 Dogs, 30 snakes, rats and mice. She did a fantastic job, was very professional, sent updates regularly and left the house immaculate.

PetCloud Pet Owner
December 2018
- Reference

Christine, was a great choice for a house sitter. It was the easiest house sitter I have ever had to find. My initial dealings with Christine were very easy and fast. She was very professional and cordial. We spoke on the phone and organised a time for her to see her assignment - Lily (pussy cat) and the abode. She arrived on time and we were in constant contact via txt, prior to my departure. I left to go overseas and didn't get to meet Christine before I left, an arrangement was made for key collection. She was attentive and in constant communication while I was away. She was very respectful of my home and belongings- it was spotless when I arrived back and Lily was in very good shape. Christine played with her and attended to her every need. Lily is a bit of a stress head and quite vocal/demanding and Christine was a perfect match. I would highly recommend Christine if you require a house/pet sitter.

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