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PetCloud is your dog's home away from home, offering exceptional doggy daycare in Townsville. We understand that your dog isn't just a pet, they're a part of your family. That's why our doggy daycare services prioritize fun, socialization, and the mental and physical stimulation your dog craves. Say goodbye to bored pups and lonely days. With PetCloud, your dog will make new friends, burn off energy, and thrive in a safe and supervised environment. Whether you work long hours, need a break, or simply want your dog to experience the joy of supervised playtime, our doggy daycare in Townsville provides the perfect solution. Our dedicated team and carefully selected pet sitters ensure that every dog feels loved, and secure, and has an absolute blast! Plus, find convenient options for RSPCA-accredited pet sitters in Townsville.

Why Choose Doggy Daycare?

Doggy daycare in Townsville isn't just about having a place to drop off your dog; it's about providing them with a fulfilling and enriching experience. With PetCloud's doggy daycare, your furry friend will benefit from regular socialization with other friendly dogs, reducing boredom-induced behaviors and promoting positive social skills. They'll get ample exercise for a happier, healthier dog, both physically and mentally. You can even combine doggy daycare with other PetCloud offerings for maximum convenience. Need dog grooming while your pup is at daycare? Check! Want to add in pet boarding for an upcoming vacation? We make it effortless to create a customized care plan for your dog's needs.

The PetCloud Difference: Daycare, Pet Sitting, and More

PetCloud transforms pet care in Townsville by offering a comprehensive suite of services. Alongside our top-notch doggy daycare, explore our pet-sitting and pet-boarding options. This flexibility is ideal for busy schedules and ensures your dog always receives the care and attention they deserve.  Perhaps you need in-home pet sitting on days your dog doesn't attend daycare. Or maybe you're looking for a dedicated sitter and boarding solution for an upcoming trip. PetCloud streamlines the experience, letting you browse profiles,  read reviews, and find the perfect combination of services for your dog's unique personality and lifestyle. We're also proud to offer NDIS dog grooming and NDIS pet boarding in Townsville, furthering our commitment to making pet ownership accessible and joyful for everyone.

Why Choose PetCloud for Your Pet's Care Needs


Give your dog the gift of socialization, playtime, and endless tail wags with PetCloud's doggy daycare in Townsville. Unleash their playful spirit while enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are in loving, capable hands. Our customizable care solutions make it easy to tailor pet sitting, pet boarding, and even NDIS services around your dog's daycare schedule.   It's time to ditch the guilt and embrace happy, well-cared-for pets. Contact PetCloud today