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Rochedale South, QLD
(6 Reviews)

**experienced with birds & exotics, dogs & cats**

Recieve daily photos, &/or a video of your pet

I have grown up with animals, i have done many rescues & rehab, many dub me as an animal whisperer. Natural ability.

I genuinely care about all animals & especially when in my care, i do go above & beyond to ensure they are comfortable, safe & happy.

Exp with exotic birds & we have 3 gym play rooms set up for our birds.

About This Listing

Pets staying at my home will welcome the following:
A fully fenced color bond enclosed yard.....
We have a inground pool fully secured, if your pooch loves to play with water supervised. This all can be discussed with you if interested.....
A decent sized medium yard.
Your pet will sleep with us if indoor pet, or designated area.
All cats and small animals are kept inside.
Cool and cosy areas.
Your pet will feel loved, comfortable and safe. That is the focused aim! & I aim to achieve!

Pet Types

This listing offers services for the following pet types:


Dog Hosting Preferences

Experience Looking After Pets
11 years
Specific Breeds
  • American Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • Australian Cattle
  • Bichon Frise
  • Border Collie
  • Bull Terrier
  • Bulldogs
  • Chihuahua
  • English Mastiff
  • Fox Terrier
  • German Shepherd
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Rspca Certified Pet Sitter Course
Special Skills
  • Senior Dogs
  • Puppies
  • Senior Cats
  • Kittens
  • Medication
  • Injections
  • Special Needs

Home Details
Property Type
Backyard Type
Medium fenced yard
Other Animals
2 dogs 3 cats birds
Distance from Vet
1-2 kms
Children at Location

Listing Details
Accepts Last Minute Bookings
Access to Car in Emergency
Refund Policy
Strict - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, 14 days before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

Recurring Service Plans

Prices are itemised per session below. Note: We don’t offer Once-off Day Care or Walking bookings to guarantee placement for pets who need weekly service.

Home Visits

1 Home Visit Per Day


Home Visits

2 Home Visits Per Day


Pet Taxi







Poo Patrol


Pet Concierge


Pet Supplies Errands


Pet Sitting Extras

Dog Walks during Pet Sitting





Pick up & Drop off


Visit to Vets


Washing & Brushing





Poo Patrol


Pet Supplies Errands


Sitter's Refund Policy
Strict - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, 14 days before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.



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(6 Reviews)

PetCloud Pet Owner
August 2021

Such a kind, thoughtful person, my little pup loves her and feels right at home with Sarina.

PetCloud Pet Owner
April 2019

Sarina was friendly and made the booking process quick and easy! Came home to a happy Ellie. So glad I found Sarina to care for and medicate Ellie while we were away.

PetCloud Pet Owner
January 2019

Sarina looked after Kaos for us whilst we attended a family wedding. This was the first time Kaos had been away from home and he came back a very happy puppy. During this time Sarina kept in contact as she had a few concerns about his behaviour but he settled and all was well. She took him for some long walks which he loved and he settled to have a lovely stay with Sarina. We will definitely be using Sarina’s Services again. Thanks Sarina for taking such good care of our not so little baby.

PetCloud Pet Owner
December 2018

Sarina was great thoroughly recommend her will be using her again if she is available.

PetCloud Pet Owner
December 2018

While we had communication and technology issues at first, Sarina was perfect petsitting my mouse and especially with such short notice too! Without her, I would have had almost no one to turn to to make sure he had enough TLC while I was away. Sarina's love for animals does shine through when you see her interact with your pet and I was so happy to see Chip had warmed up to her in the time he stayed at her house. It also warms my heart to hear other members of her family loved Chip too. I will choose Sarina again whenever Chip needs a sitter again. I cannot thank you enough for looking after Chip, Sarina!

PetCloud Pet Owner
November 2018
- Reference

I met Sarina when i was referred to her, as i was seeking somebody trusting to mjnd our conure Angel. Absolutely was pleased with Angel in her care. Angel came back brighter as it appeared, and Sarina actually gave me a crash course on caring for my bird as there was a bit of information i had not known. She even gave me some complimentary nutripellets as Angel seemed to enjoy them. I have used Sarina 4 times now, and I have found an Aunt to care for Angel on my frequent holidays. You wont be disappointed, i most definitely was not

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