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Retired University Lecturer/Researcher

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RSPCA Qld Accredited

Southern Highlands, NSW Pet Sitter

Moss Vale, NSW

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Secure residential property, fully fenced with padlocked gates. Designed to prevent escape from below or from the top of boundary fences. Dog door allows entry to house, alfresco area with day bed and two large and small sized dog houses. Partial lawn and hard surfaces available to explore the garden. Choice of slopping land or hard surface steps for mobilisation. Fresh water available in several locations. Supervision 24/7 with all care taken. Owner has valid National Police Certificate check.

Pet Types

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Dog Hosting Preferences

Experience Looking After Pets
11 years
Specific Breeds
  • Golden Retriever
  • Miniature Poodle
  • Standard Poodle
  • Whippet
RSPCA Animal Care Course - Certificate of Completion 2017
Special Skills
  • Senior Dogs
  • Puppies
  • Medication
  • Special Needs
Other Skills
I have looked after pet dogs, some with 3 legs & less mobile dogs. I have a health professional background with humans, with some of this knowledge found to be transferable to canine care. SinceOwner currently has no family d
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Home Details
Property Type
Backyard Type
Large fenced yard
Other Animals
Distance from Vet
1-2 kms
Children at Location

Listing Details
Accepts Last Minute Bookings
Access to Car in Emergency
Refund Policy
Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

Recurring Service Plans

Prices are itemised per session below. Note: We don’t offer Once-off Day Care or Walking bookings to guarantee placement for pets who need weekly service.

Day Care Plans

Doggy Day Care


Pet Sitting (at Sitters home)


Home Visits

1 Home Visit Per Day


Home Visits

2 Home Visits Per Day


Pet Taxi


Washing & Brushing


Poo Patrol


Pet Sitting Extras

Dog Walks during Pet Sitting


24/7 Supervision


Pick up & Drop off


Visit to Vets


Washing & Brushing


Poo Patrol


Sitter's Refund Policy
Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.



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PetCloud Pet Owner
Lynette Raymond
October 2017
- Reference

Lynette Raymond is a reliable and responsible person who will accommodate you and your pet's schedule. She is experienced and prepared when dealing with all situations and safety of the property and animal is a priority. Lynette has a genuine love for animals: she is affectionate and sensitive to the needs of pets and she does not use physical punishment or force. Lynette is an excellent communicator and I have no hesitation in recommending her to look after your pet

PetCloud Pet Owner
October 2017
- Reference

Lynette has consistently demonstrated a caring approach to any pet, particularly dogs. She respects their every day needs in terms of feeling secure, requiring exercise, maintaining a healthy diet and providing a safe environment. Lynette would be high recommended as a carer for any pet.

PetCloud Pet Owner
Lynn Fraser
December 2017
- Reference

My toy poodle was expertly and professionally cared for by Lynette. My dog came home and was very content. He had a wonderful time whilst I enjoyed my holiday. Thank you for the excellent care, as always. Friendly and reliable. Thoroughly recommended.

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