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Bondi Beach, NSW

Born into a dog loving family :) I have grown up training and caring for animals including my ole girl Dixie- 15 year old beagle and Milo - 7 year old labradoodle. I miss them a lot now that I have moved from the US, and would love the opportunity to be around animals again. I work full time as an architect, but have flexibility to work remotely or even bring dogs into the office. If your animal was to stay at my home, it is a sizable 2 story space with a large & private outdoor area- fenced off

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I live in a lovely house in Bondi Beach with a private and high fenced outdoor area.

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Experience Looking After Pets
11 years
Specific Breeds
  • Beagle
  • Chow Chow
  • Labradoodle
Special Skills
  • Senior Dogs
  • Puppies

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Property Type
Backyard Type
Large fenced yard
Distance from Vet
1-2 kms
Children at Location

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Accepts Last Minute Bookings
Access to Car in Emergency
Refund Policy
Moderate - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, 7 days before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

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1 Home Visit Per Day


Home Visits

2 Home Visits Per Day


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