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Annandale, QLD

Hi, my name is Lia. I grew up surrounded by many pets including two lovely chow chow dogs. I now have a beautiful mini poodle named Teddy.
My house has a spacious backyard and shaded patio area. I've got two kids of 6 and 13. They both love pets too and are very gentle and caring with pets.
I live very close to green areas and to a fenced dog park where my son takes Teddy there everyday.

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My place has a nice spacious backyard, fully fenced. It's got a patio that provides shad, it's a breezy cool area.

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8 years
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Medium fenced yard
Distance from Vet
1-2 kms
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Flexible - A full refund will only be available if the Booking is cancelled before 12pm AEST, one day before the Pet Services are to be performed under the Booking.

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PetCloud Pet Owner
Trish Truscott
January 2024
- Reference

Lia is a very kind hearted woman who loves dogs, along with her two children and husband. I would recommend her in half a heartbeat.

PetCloud Pet Owner
Dersy Enriquez Laban
February 2024
- Reference

I know Lia for a few years, I found her to be a very responsible person who truly enjoys caring for animals. She is very caring and loves playing with your pets. I would highly recommend her for pet sitting, your pets would love her.

PetCloud Pet Owner
Karina Aumaitre
February 2024
- Reference

Lia is a very caring person. She lost her dog last year, and been missing him a lot. This will be a great opportunity to offer healing to a family that has lost a little one in Christmas, and that has a lot of love and time to give away to a pet needing foster care.

PetCloud Pet Owner
Tatiana Vicente
February 2024
- Reference

Lia took care of my Australian Kelpie. She made sure he had his food, and his walks and play time everyday. We were very happy to see our Gino well taken care of and very happy to stay with Lia. She is very loving with dogs and has a lot of experience.

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