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Why Book a Professional Dog Sitter

Many individuals tout themselves as pet sitters, but not all are qualified for the demands of the job. Here’s some tips to find a good dog sitter near you.

Travelling with your furry friend isn’t always an option. You might be travelling on business, or your dog might be too big, too young, or too old to board an airplane (pets are loaded underneath the plane in Australia). In these situations, finding the right Dog Sitter is essential to make sure your dog is properly cared for.

Knowing you have a reliable Sitter will decrease your stress levels as well. If you aren’t comfortable leaving your dog in a cage at a kennel when you’re gone, look for a House Sitter who will stay at your home or welcome your pet into their home.

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Experience and Training

While caring for your dog doesn’t require a degree or long-term experience in the animal field, you should want your Dog Sitter to have at a minimum some Accredited Industry Training in Animal Welfare standards, Codes of Practice, Council ByLaws, knowledge in preventing Dog Fights, handling Pet Emergencies, and understanding in what to do in the event of Illness, Accident, or Escape.

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Experience watching another person’s pets doesn’t mean one-size-fits-all. If your dog has any special needs, such as medications or unusual food requirements, you want to find a Dog Sitter who is comfortable administering medicine or preparing food. PetCloud’s advanced search filter helps Pet Owners with finding Sitters with particular skills.


Accountability is an acceptance of responsibility for honest and ethical conduct towards others and ensures that a high standard of service continues.

Sitters who continue to be booked through a reputable pet sitting service means evaluation and feedback from Pet Owners who book them will always able to be posted on their listing, directly affecting their reputation and earnings.

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Everybody starts off as friends, but what if a Pet Accident or Illness occurs and the pet requires Veterinary treatment, costing tens of thousands of dollars – Who will pay the bill? That sort of debt can set you back financially for years. A Sitter who is associated with a reputable service who covers bookings with insurance will certainly bring peace of mind.

Vet Bill Shock

Dog Sitter’s Schedule

Ask about the Dog Sitter’s schedule as well. If your puppy doesn’t do well alone for long periods of time, you want someone who will be around during the day and not at work. If the Sitter is going to be at work, don’t try to force them to commit to stay home if they already said they can’t.

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Familiarity with Breed

Every breed has a different demeanor and demands, so you want to find a Dog Sitter who is comfortable with your dog’s breed and temperament. A Dog Sitter who is used to toy breeds might not know how to handle your Great Dane. Again, your dog sitter doesn’t have to have years of experience with your specific breed, but a familiarity with it will ease your worries and maximize the dog sitter’s success.

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Police Checks and References

Request a Police Check and references when looking for a new dog sitter (the PetCloud platform does this for you). A trustworthy dog sitter will have a list of references available, so don’t hesitate to ask for references before hiring him or her.

Follow through and call or email the references to find out what the dog-sitting experience was like for past clients. If you don’t get glowing reviews from every reference, keep looking. Even one bad experience should be enough to deter you from using that dog sitter.

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In-Home Property Walk through

Meet the potential dog sitter before you hire them. Meet at the proposed location of care – either your home or theirs. If theirs, bring your dog, and discuss the feeding schedule, walking schedule, and any special needs. Allowing your dog to meet the sitter lets you see how he or she treats your furry friend. A successful in-home Meet & Greet will help you determine that you’ve found the right dog sitter. PetCloud gives Pet Owners a free Interview guide and Property Checklist for Meet & Greets when you join.


Interviewing your dog sitter, doing an In-person Meet & Greet and Property walk-through, Reading reviews and Booking through a service that provides Insurance will ensure that your dog is in good hands when you go out of town.

PetCloud has police checked, insured dog sitters who are offered accredited animal care training. Badges on Sitter’s listings on PetCloud shows verifications and certifications attained.

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