Join the PetCloud Affiliate Ambassador Program!

by PetCloud / Advertise / 15 Jun 2020

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Do you love pets as much as we do? Do you want to get paid to spread the word about PetCloud? Get started by filling out our paw-tner application today!


Who can Join?

Travel Booking Website Managers, Vet Clinics, Vet Hospitals, Directory sites, Email marketers, Animal Rescue websites, Dog Training websites, Concierge websites, Bloggers, Students, Influencers, Professional Services in complementary fields (Airlines, Cruise Companies, Online Travel Agents, Hotels & Accommodation, Property Management companies, Hospitals, Aged Care Homes).

Why Join?

  • It’s a great way to create an additional income stream, increasing your annual revenue.
  • Earn generous commission for each new PetCloud booking that you helped us get through your promotional efforts.
  • It's free to join!  Commission Factory helps get you up and running with step by step directions.  
  • They provide a reporting interface for you to see results in real time, analyse performance, create tracking links, and optimise your program.
  • PetCloud encourages travel company’s existing customers to book travel more frequently due to national availability of Pet Carers.

What Is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply another name for a referral program. Affiliates are paid a commission based on ‘performance’. In other words, ‘reward for effort’. 

What are ‘Affiliates’? Also known as an Ambassador, they are any person or organisation who owns a quality website or social media profile that they want to monetise (for example, Pet or Vet or Dog Training websites) that receive a reasonable amount of volume traffic to their website for their own blog articles they write.  Their target market will ideally be the same customer segments as ours: Busy, time-poor, travelling Professionals who own Pets.

Who are ‘Advertisers’? PetCloud. PetCloud incentivises an Advertiser (ie. YOU) through paying commission to promote PetCloud’s services through tracked links on websites or social media.

What is the goal of Affiliates? Affiliates (ie. YOU) want to earn money (called commission) through placing a hyperlink or an ad tile or banner on their website, facebook, Instagram Story, or newsletter that gets clicked on by their customers, which may result in a booking on the Advertiser’s (PetCloud) website.

How? Advertisers place PetCloud banners or links on their website, social media bio, or wall, with unique tracked links (provided inside Commission Factory) pointing to our PetCloud website, and then promote to their customers to book PetCloud’s services.

How do I become an Affiliate? Apply online. We review applications regularly. Once accepted, you have the ability to review and agree to our terms and conditions. 

Head to our landing page on the Commission Factory website, click on “Register Now to Join PetCloud

Click “Sign up as an Affiliate

Click ‘Yes’ to Are you operating as a Business? (It will then get you to enter an ABN and if you are registered for GST)  Or, if you are a Charity, select No. These details can always be changed later at any time.

Complete the form, Agree to T’s & C’s and then click ‘Continue’. Your application is then reviewed and is flagged for approval by Commission Factory and PetCloud.

Once you are approved, log into Commission Factory and head to your Creatives > Text Links page and Input the target URL as: this will then generate you your unique tracking link which you can use for promoting PetCloud across newsletters, websites, and social media!


  • How and when do I get paid?

  • When you sign up for PetCloud’s Affiliate Program, you will provide your bank details. Commission Factory will transfer commissions monthly, either directly to your account. You are responsible for any taxes associated with commission fees.

  • Track your Performance Automatically

  • With Commission Factory’s easy to use interface and real time tracking and reporting you can get instant, in-depth information about every sale and what customers are buying.

  • How is a “new” Pet Owner Customer determined?

  • A new Pet Owner customer who has not purchased from PetCloud before.

  • How do you track sales?

  • Commission Factory facilitates our tracking, reporting, and payment. Commission Factory provides you with tracking to add to your site. When a visitor clicks the affiliate link on your site and makes a purchase, Commission Factory records that order.  Commission Factory then grants you commissions on all new customer orders that occur within your cookie window (usually 30 days).


Any questions, please email: affiliates AT petcloud DOT com DOT au