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Could the Spoodle Dog Breed Be for You?

Seeking a cute small dog that’s intelligent, outgoing, and friendly? The Spoodle is a popular breed that’s perfect for many dog owners in Australia. 

Breed Snapshot

Size Small Dog (5-14 kg)

Coat Non-shedding, but owners will need to take their Spoodle to a professional once every six weeks.

Energy A daily walk and frequent visits to a dog park can help relieve this dog’s high energy levels.

Lifespan 12-15 years

Country of origin United States

Breed type Crossbreed of a Poodle (typically a Miniature Poodle) and a Cocker Spaniel.

Temperament Playful, friendly, and intelligent. They often get along with both people and other dogs, and they are relatively easy to teach and train.

Great breed for:

• Apartment and home living

• Families with children

• People who are more susceptible to pet allergies as they are low shedding, low allergy

What is a Spoodle?

The Spoodle, also known as a Cockapoo, Cockapoo, or Cockerdoodle, is one of Australia’s most popular dog breeds and consists of a mix between a Poodle and an American or English Cocker Spaniel. In most members of this breed, the specific type of Poodle is a Miniature Poodle, but Spoodles can also have a Toy Poodle parent. When it comes to the dog’s personality, it features the blend of a Poodle’s intelligence and shedding of little to no hair along with a Cocker Spaniel’s outgoing and friendly nature.

The breeding of Spoodles began in the U.S. in the 1960s, with the intention of creating a companion dog that would be healthier than purebred Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. Interestingly, the Cockapoo (Spoodle) Club of America formed in 1999 to officially recognise this particular breed, and it’s only become more popular over the years since.

Spoodles make highly sociable pets, getting along well with people, including children, and other dogs.

What do Spoodles look like?

spoodle dog, mixed poodle breed, mixed spaniel breeds, furry white dog with ball in mouth

Spoodles are great-looking dogs that feature a wavy or shaggy gold, brown, blonde, or black coat that sheds little to no hair. They also have large brown eyes. Like other crossbreeds, the general appearance of Spoodles can vary considerably depending on the breed of Poodle parents, along with the mix of Cocker Spaniel genes.

Keep in mind that Cocker Spaniels can measure 38-43 cm tall for males and 36-41 cm tall for females, with males weighing 13-16 kg while females can weigh 12-15 kg. Additionally, Toy Poodles can stand as tall as 25 cm and weigh as much as four and a half kg, while the Miniature Poodle is larger with a height of 25-38 cm and a weight of five to eight kg.

Therefore, Spoodles can vary in size from five to 14 kg and 25 to 38cm in height.

What makes the Spoodle special?

One aspect of the Spoodle that makes it unique is its fur, which is not only appealing in its appearance but is also hypoallergenic. Spoodles shed very little to no fur, which prevents the release of any pet dander that can otherwise cause allergy symptoms in individuals with pet allergies, asthma, or hay fever.

Spoodles are also known for their friendly nature and gentle temperament, which makes them ideal for families looking for a lively and loving dog, with plenty of energy to entertain kids. While their high energy levels can make them overly excited at times, regular walks and play sessions can help relax them and keep them content. If you’re looking for the perfect family pet that’s affectionate, fun, and shedding-free, the Spoodle is often a great choice.

How often do I need to groom my Spoodle?

The Spoodle’s wavy coat is prone to tangling without regular grooming. To maintain this breed’s fur and prevent tangling, it’s advisable to brush your Spoodle regularly and visit a professional groomer for clipping once every six weeks.

Generally, Spoodles are dogs that require moderate to high maintenance with regular grooming. To help you keep Spoodles looking their best, PetCloud offers grooming and clipping services starting at $60. Simply click on the link and post a new job and we’ll pair you with a compatible groomer!

How often should I walk my Spoodle?

Considering the fact that Spoodles have a lot of energy, they need regular walks and other activity to help keep their energy under control. Ideally, Owners should walk them for around 30 minutes to an hour every day, take them to dog parks, and play with them at home if there’s enough space available. In addition to dog walking and playing outside, you can keep Spoodles entertained with interactive treat toys designed for mental stimulation.

How do I train my Spoodle?

Spoodles are very intelligent dogs, which makes them relatively easy to train. For Spoodles, like other dogs, it’s best to train them through patient guidance as opposed to stern discipline. If you can reinforce them positively, they’ll respond much more favourably as you reward them with treats and verbal praise. Seeing as these dogs have such high energy levels, it’s helpful to meet them and share the same energy in a positive manner.

When training your Spoodle, try to keep these sessions brief and exciting, which will keep your dog engaged throughout and ensure they retain what they’ve learned with each lesson. If you would like the help of professional trainers, PetCloud offers dog training classes that consist of one-hour sessions over the course of six weeks. A registered trainer will be able to visit your home and train your Spoodle using RSPCA-compliant positive reinforcement methods. If you would like to schedule a training session, follow the link and post a job!

Quickfire Spoodle Questions

How long will my Spoodle live?

The average lifespan for Spoodles is anywhere from 12 to 15 years.

Can my Spoodle be left alone during the day?

Spoodles are very social pets that thrive when able to interact with people and other dogs on a regular basis. However, you can often train Spoodles to remain consistently comfortable at home if you need to leave them there throughout the day. Otherwise, it’s possible to have professionals care for them in a doggy daycare program.

Are Spoodles ‘barkers’?

Spoodles tend to bark frequently, making them a particularly conversive breed.

What Spoodle colours are available?

The Spoodle is available in a wide variety of colours, which is due to the diversity of both Poodle and Cocker Spaniel colours. Some potential colours available include black, golden, red, white/cream, and chocolate/brown. All of these colours feature the signature wavy coat that, while difficult to maintain, makes them so popular in addition to their personality.

What kinds of health risks do Spoodles face?

Spoodles, similar to other mixed breeds, are less vulnerable to health issues than purebred dogs, but they aren’t without certain potential health risks. Spoodles can develop certain health problems such as dislocated knee caps, eye diseases, hip dysplasia, and skin problems as they grow older. Other potential problems that Spoodles may develop over the years could include cataracts, liver disease, allergies, and patellar luxation (misaligned knee bones).

It’s recommended that Spoodle owners schedule health checks every six months with their vet to examine them and develop a preventative healthcare program. With a personal program designed with your dog in mind, you can keep your Spoodle regularly happy and healthy.

Where can I find a Pet Sitter for my Spoodle if I go on holiday?

If you want to leave the home for an extended period and want someone to watch your dog, PetCloud makes it easy to post a job and connect with a qualified Pet Sitter. Many Spoodle pet parents will find the care they need for their pet with the help of our police-checked, highly trained, and insured team of Pet Sitters. With the help of these services, you can enjoy going on holiday while remaining comfortable in knowing your beloved companion is in good hands.

How much do feeding and ownership cost?

Spoodles do best with dry food, which helps prevent the buildup of tartar on their teeth. Typically, food for this breed should cost around $5 to $10. Although food costs should be relatively low, it’s important to keep in mind that this breed requires more frequent visits to a groomer, which can lead to higher overall ownership costs. Oftentimes, owners of Spoodles take their dogs to see a groomer once every six weeks.

How often should I feed a Spoodle?

Spoodles are food-lovers and enjoy eating, but you shouldn’t overfeed them at any point due to their ability to easily gain weight. Like other poodle breeds, these dogs do well if you feed them around two to three times per day, which will keep them healthy and prevent significant weight gains. Of course, the ideal amount to feed your Spoodle will depend on his or her individual size, tendency to gain weight, and age.

How much space do Spoodles require?

With enough exercise and other aspects of healthy care, Spoodles can thrive in an apartment environment just as well as they could in a larger home.

How much energy does a Spoodle typically have?

Spoodles are high-energy dogs, so you can expect them to be consistently active. These dogs love to play certain games and go on daily walks and runs, which can help maintain good health and expel some of that energy.

Are Spoodles aggressive at all?

Spoodles have low aggression levels, despite their high energy levels. They get along very well with everyone from children to older adults and other pets, including cats. On the other hand, it’s advisable to supervise them when playing with children, as these dogs may become defensive if a child attempts to play too rough.

Where can I get a Spoodle?

Now that you know more about the Spoodle, you may be considering getting one to join you and your family. If you’re beginning your search for a Spoodle or any other breed, there are many aspects to think about as you move forward. For example, you may want to consider adopting a Spoodle as opposed to purchasing one from a breeder. Many Spoodles and other pets are waiting for the perfect owner to give them a loving and caring home, making adoption one of the best decisions for many aspiring pet owners. If you want to get started on the adoption process, you can learn more by reading the RSPCA adoption guide.

While it’s often best to adopt, you should conduct some in-depth research into breeders if you choose to buy a Spoodle. Some breeders may run unethical puppy farms that are in your best interests to avoid. Additionally, you can read the RSPCA’s guide to help locate the ideal breeder if you decide against adopting.

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