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Good Dog Names

Still unsure about what to name your dog? Whether you’ve just adopted or you’re currently searching for the perfect canine companion, one of the big decisions to make is what to name your dog.

There’s no shortage of good dog names to choose from, whether you’re considering a cutesy dog name that reflects your dog’s personality or a more human name in honour of someone you know or admire.

Regardless of what you want to name your dog, here are some of the top dog names to give you plenty of ideas.

Top 10 Dog Names in Australia

Between both male and female dogs, the following are the top dog names that people choose in Australia:

1. Buddy

2. Bella

3. Molly

4. Max

5. Charlie 

6. Lucy   

7. Baily

8. Ruby

9. Coco

10. Oscar

Here are the top 100 good dog names that people choose

1. Buddy 26.Harry 51.Bruno 76. Louis
2. Bella 27.Lola 52.Penny 77. Cleo
3. Molly 28.Rosie 53.Barney 78.Bentley
4. Max 29.Bear 54.Lilly 79.Sophie
5. Charlie (male) 30.Leo 55.Duke 80.Billie
6. Lucy  31. Lily 56.Ellie 81. Scout
7. Baily 32. Hugo 57.Jet 82. Lexi
8. Ruby 33. George 58.Louie 83. Chester
9. Coco 34. Tilly 59.Willow 84. Zoe
10. Oscar 35. Pepper 60.Diesel 85. Monty
11. Luna 36. Missy 61.Buster 86. Zeus
12. Archie 37. Chloe 62.Cookie 87. Dexter
13. Daisy 38. Marley 63. Jax 88. Sasha
14. Frankie 39. Lulu 64. Bruce 89. Winston
15. Roxy 40. Harley 65. Henry 90. Nala
16. Poppy 41. Gus 66. Sam 91. Ziggy
17. Toby 42. Rusty 67. Shadow 92. Billy
18.Jack 43. Murphy 68. Benji 93. Mia
19.Millie / Milly 44. Baxter 69. Harvey 94. Loki
20. Cooper 45. Milly 70. Banjo 95. Charlie
21. Rocky 46. Honey 71. Snorkel 96. Maggie
22. Alfie 47. Pippa 72. Beau 97. Bonnie
23. Ollie 48. Holly 73. Lucky 98. Butch
24. Jack 49. Simba 74. Rex 99. Logan
25. Teddy 50. Stella 75. Jessie 100. Layla

Top 100 Female Dog Names

If you’re looking for a great name for a female dog, the following are some of the top female dog names out there that suit any personality:

1. Molly 26.Aria 51. Phoebe 76. Addison
2. Ruby 27.Mila 52. Sadie 77. Peyton
3. Coco 28. Zara 53.Imogen 78. Elena
4. Bailey 29. Audrey 54. Jasmine 79. Alexis
5. Lola 30.Violet 55.Claire 80. Harriet
6. Lucy 31.Eva 56.Savannah 81. Penelope
7. Frankie 32.Sofia 57.Eloise 82. Alice
8. Daisy 33.Poppy 58.Billie 83. Layla
9. Rosie 34.Hannah 59.Bonnie 84. Florence
10.Bella 35.Abigail 60.Stella 85. Violet
11.Olivia 36.Scarlett 61.Anna 86. Emma
12.Sophie 37.Aurora 62.Ariana 87.Hazel
13. Ivy 38.Eleanor 63.Riley 88.Georgia
14. Zoe 39.Luna 64.Eden 89.Madison
15. Evie 40.Elsie 65.Maddison 90.Victoria
16. Chloe 41.Maya 66.Rose 91.Clara
17. Willow 42.Freya 67.Lara 92.Lilly
18. Grace 43.Lizzie 68.Madeline 93.Charlie
19. Isla 44.Piper 69.Heidi 94.Elizabeth
20.Mia 45.Sarah 70.Quinn 95.Emilia
21.Charlotte 46.Millie 71. Aaliyah 96.Matilda
22. Ella 47.Olive 72. Indi 97. Harper
23.Sienna 48.Annabelle 73. Chelsea 98.Ava
24. Lily 49.Summer 74.Thea 99.Isabella
25. Emily 50.Mackenzie 75.Pippa 100.Evelyn

Top 100 Male Dog Names

Trying to decide on a good name for your male dog? Here are the top male dog names to consider:

1. Archie 26. Harry 51. Joshua 76. Parker
2. Oscar 27. Theodore 52. Connor 77. Billy
3. Charlie 28. Hunter 53. Kai 78. Tripp
4. Jack 29.Sam 54. Flynn 79. Leon
5. Ollie 30.Jacob 55. Ezra 80. Dylan
6. Milo 31.Luca 56. Jaxon 81.Muppet
7. Buddy  32.Cooper 57. Angus 82. Owen
8. Teddy 33.Isaac 58. Sonny 83. Zach
9. Max 34. Ryan 59. Aiden 84. Jasper
10. Toby 35. Sebastian 60. Spencer 85. Jordan
11. Noah 36. Riley 61.Felix 86. Hudson
12. Olly 37. Logan 62. Asher 87. Lucas
13. Henry 38. Xavier 63. Austin 88. Fletch
14. Leo 39. Finn 64. Beau 89. Muffy
15. William 40. Lincoln 65. Ashton 90. Marcus
16. Liam 41. Benji 66. Patrick 91. Louis
17. James 42. George 67. Jayden 92. Murphy
18. Snorkel 43. Lachlan 68.Jake 93. Gabriel
19. Butch 44. Hugo 69.Ali 94. Darcy
20. Mason 45. Daniel 70.Theo 95. Nate
21. Harrison 46. Edward 71.Adam 96. Ari
22. Alexander 47. Eli 72. Luke 97. Tyler
23.Thomas 48. Jackson 73. Aaron 98. Carter
24. Harvey 49. Arthur 74. Vincent 99. Dawson
25. Levi 50. Arlo 75. Ryder 100. Jet

Popular Naming Trends for Dogs in Australia

In Australia, dog owners have a few key methods for choosing their dogs’ names, going beyond the typical trend of merely choosing pop culture figures for their pet’s namesake.

A Decline in Names Inspired by Pop Culture Figures

In recent years, the popularity of dog names inspired by pop culture figures has decreased, as the top names used for dogs today are largely devoid of them. That’s not to say that pop culture naming conventions are entirely obsolete. Some of the top pop culture-inspired names still seen today include:

•   Simba — Over 25 years after the initial release of Disney’s The Lion King, this name is still among the top 100 dog names, possibly in part due to the recent remake.

•   Nala — This name, like Simba, comes from The Lion King and is commonly used for female dogs.

•   Luna — Another popular name for female dogs is derived from Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter franchise. Ironically, Harry and other more popular main character names aren’t as popular among dog owners.

•   Harley — Harley Quinn is a popular character from both the Batman and Suicide Squad franchises.

•   Dexter — Several years after the series Dexter ended, this name remains particularly popular among Australian dog owners.

•   Rocky — Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa also remains resilient among pop culture names for dog owners.

•   Loki — With the popularity of the Avengers and Thor franchises, Loki has surged in popularity.

•   Zeus — Many dog owners have a love of Greek mythology.

•   Buster — This name, at least in some cases, might be inspired by the Coen brothers film The Ballad of Buster Scruggs.

•   Ziggy — The late, great David Bowie also continues to inspire dog owners, if not in the form of “David” then in that of Ziggy Stardust.

Pop culture figures might not be as inspirational for dog names, but they’re still going to stick around.

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A Surge in Dogs Named After Beverages

Interestingly, dog owners seem to love naming their canine pals after their favourite drinks. Several of the top dog names out there today likely come from drinks, including:

•   Bella — This name likely comes from the Ciao Bella cocktail.

•   Coco — In addition to the popular coconut-flavoured beverage, Coco is a prevalent name among dog owners.

•   Bailey — Bailey’s Irish Cream is not only a beloved Irish drink, but it’s also an excellent name for female dogs.

•   Milo — Many male dogs share their namesake with the chocolate Nestle beverage.

An increase in choosing Human Names

As you may have noticed in the lists of top male and female dog names, people are choosing more human-inspired names for their companions. As a growing number of younger people turn to pets in lieu of children, dog owners are opting for more human names that reflect their more human role in people’s lives.

•   From Oscar and Molly to Olivia and Daniel, dog names are beginning to become less distinguishable from their human counterparts.

How to Decide on a Name for Your Dog

Even with all of these ideas, you might still be deciding on good dog names that best suit your dog’s appearance and personality. There are some guidelines that you may want to think about as you select a name, which can steer you in a particular direction. To help you settle on the right name for your dog, you can take the following steps:

•   Take some time to observe your dog after adoption before choosing a name. While the dog’s current given name at the time of adopting might be fine, spend a few days watching them and see if a name comes to mind. It could be a name that speaks to their character “Muppet” or unique marks on their fur (like calling them “Socks” for example).  It could be a specific person that your dog reminds you of, be it a pop culture figure or someone you’d like to honour.

•   Avoid a long name that’s too hard to say or for your dog to understand. A good name rolls off the tongue, so to speak, and should be something that your dog can interpret as a clear signal that you’re addressing them.

•   Get your friend or family member’s permission before naming a dog or any other pet after them, as some might find this offensive.

•   Ideally, a good dog name will be around one to two syllables like most of the names listed above. Pick something that’s short and simple, which will further make it easy for your dog to understand and others to remember.

•   Try out the name once you have one in mind. Does it sound right? Maybe it’s too difficult to remember. Consider the fact that the name you choose will be the name your dog has for years.

•   Some names are age-sensitive. You might have the idea to name your puppy something akin to “Peanut,” but that name likely won’t work as well once the dog grows into an adult.

•   It’s often best to steer clear of names that dogs may confuse with commands or other signifiers. For example, “Beau” might sound too close to “no.”

•   Once you select a name for your dog, use it frequently and get the dog accustomed to hearing it spoken.

Other Tips for Naming Your Dog

As you begin to choose a name for your companion, you may also want to consider the following:

Think Outside the Box of Popular Names

You can always go through lists of good dog names to help you make your decision, but sometimes you might want to avoid selecting a highly popular name. Keep in mind that you’ll likely come across many other dogs with the same or a similar name. Names like Max, Lucy, and Bailey are common, and while you don’t want your dog’s name to be entirely original, it should be unique enough to avoid confusion when venturing out to the dog park.

Consider a Name That’s Cutely Ironic

Although it’s often advisable to select a name that describes your dog’s personality, you may also want to consider using a name that conjures the opposite imagery. For instance, you could name a large breed “Tiny” or choose “Butch” or “Rambo” for a small dog. These kinds of names are both fun and memorable, and they’re a bit more unique than a lot of the more popular names out there.

Rethink Naming Pairs

Many dog owners who have a pair of complementary dogs may be tempted to name them “Bonnie and Clyde” or “Meghan and Harry” something similar, but these names may not always work when the dogs are separate. If the name on its own works, this naming convention can be good, but something like “Abbott and Costello” only really works with both together. With names that complete each other, losing one dog and not the other may also make the remaining companion a constant reminder of the other’s loss.

Think of Figures You Admire

As mentioned, the trend of naming dogs after pop culture figures is declining, but it’s still a practice that’s worth using for the right dog. Whether there’s a musician, actor, fictitious character, or another figure that you want to honour or whom your dog reminds you of, don’t be hesitant to choose one. This may also help counter some of the more commonly used names that could otherwise make your dog’s name less original. Obviously, choosing an unpopular figure to name your dog after may not be the best decision for you or your dog, so consider deciding on a name that inspires positive associations in people.


Fond Objects and Places Can Also Make Good Dog Names

In some cases, people name their dogs after certain items, places, or events associated with them. If you find a stray on “King St.”, for example, you may find that “King” is a suitable name. Another dog may seem to be attracted to a certain item in the home, which leads you to name it after either the item or brand, provided it works–“Towel” or “Shoe” may not be the best names, but “Nike” might be ideal for a dog that’s inclined to chew or take a shoe of that brand.

Dogs and Interests Can Also Be a Match

Are you into a specific interest or hobby? Sometimes owners into a particular niche like to name their dogs after familiar concepts, whether you’re a marine biologist who names your dog after a particular sea creature or a wine connoisseur who thinks “Pinot” is a good match. Feel free to get creative and align your dog with your other passions.

Avoid Offensive Names

Although it’s rare for people to even consider naming their dogs anything unsavoury, outside of a private humorous nickname that isn’t official, it’s always best to avoid anything offensive. Your dog’s name can be funny and a conversation starter, but be sure it’s not anything that might embarrass you or others at any point. The name you give your dog can speak volumes about the kind of respect you give your pet.

Choose a Dog Name That Both You and Your Dog Enjoy

Ultimately, regardless of what you choose to be the official name for your dog, choose one that you and your pet seem to like. If you can pick a name that’s memorable, respectful, and fun, settle on it as long as your dog seems to respond well to it. Remember, the name you give your dogs will be a label that they’re stuck with for the rest of their lives, so choose carefully.

Generally, there aren’t any rules about how to name your dog, as long as it’s not offensive. You can choose everything from a popular name to the most obscure one you can think of, but it’s best to make it something that you and your friends and family will remember. Also, keep in mind that you have some time when you first get your dog before you settle on a name. Get to know your dog for a while before choosing a specific name, and play around with different ones until you find one that’s just right.

With a good dog name for your fur kid, you can officially make your dog a part of your family, with a personalised label that matches its personality and appearance.


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