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Supporting NDIS Participant Pet Owners during Psychiatric Hospitalisation

Supporting NDIS Participant Pet Owners during Psychiatric Hospitalisation

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) plays a crucial role in supporting individuals with disabilities, including those facing mental health challenges. In some cases, NDIS participants may require psychiatric hospitalisation under Section C19 for specialised care. 

However, the well-being of their pets remains an important aspect of their lives. This is where PetCloud Support Workers step in to provide essential assistance in providing boarding for NDIS participants’ pets during their Owner’s hospital stay.

Understanding Section C19 Hospitalisation:

Section C19 of the Mental Health Act allows for the compulsory admission of individuals for psychiatric treatment when deemed necessary for their well-being. While this addresses the mental health needs of the NDIS participant, it can create challenges when it comes to the care of their pets.

The Role of PetCloud Support Workers:

PetCloud Support Workers are a valuable resource for NDIS participants facing psychiatric hospitalisation. These dedicated professionals are trained to cater to the unique needs of pets and can step in to ensure that the animals receive the care, feeding, exercise, boarding, and love they require during their owners’ absence.

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PetCloud’s Support Workers are able to assist with Home Visits or Pet Boarding

Pet Care Expertise:

PetCloud Support Workers are experienced in handling a variety of pets, from dogs and cats to smaller animals like rabbits and birds. Their knowledge extends to understanding the specific needs of each animal, including dietary requirements, exercise routines, and any medical conditions.

Tailored Care Plans:

Working closely with NDIS participants, PetCloud Support Workers can create customised care plans during pet boarding for pets based on their individual needs. This may include daily walks, grooming sessions, administering medications, and ensuring a familiar routine to minimise stress for the pet.

Regular Updates and Communication:

During Pet Boarding, communication is key, and PetCloud Support Workers keep NDIS participants informed about their pet’s well-being. Regular updates, photos, and messages provide peace of mind, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery without worrying about their furry companions.

NDIS Pet Boarding, PetCloud

Emergency Response:

In the event of unexpected situations, such as a pet falling ill, PetCloud Support Workers are equipped to handle emergencies. They can liaise with veterinarians, follow specific care instructions, and ensure that the pet receives prompt and appropriate medical attention.

Ensuring Compliance with NDIS Guidelines:

PetCloud Support Workers are familiar with NDIS guidelines and regulations. They work within the framework set by the NDIS to provide quality care for pets while adhering to funding and support structures.

Partnerships between PetCloud Support Workers and other NDIS Organisations demonstrates a commitment to holistic care, recognising the importance of the bond between NDIS participants and their pets.

By alleviating concerns about pet care during psychiatric hospitalisation, PetCloud Support Workers contribute to the overall well-being of individuals facing mental health challenges. This collaborative approach fosters a supportive environment that acknowledges the value of the human-animal bond in the recovery journey of NDIS participants.

About PetCloud:

PetCloud is a national, NDIS Registered Provider with thousands of police checked, insured, trained Carers across Australia. Read our reviews. Request a free, no obligation Quote or a Call back from our NDIS Team, today.

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