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NDIS Goal Creation for Pet Lovers

NDIS Goal Creation for Pet Lovers

Pets play an important role in supporting NDIS Participants to achieve their goals and improve their physical and mental well-being, particularly if human interaction is low due to past trauma, or illness.

If you are eligible for the NDIS and have received an ‘Access Decision’ letter, the next step is creating your NDIS Plan, in line with your Goals, and the Supports that are going to help you achieve them.

The following are several examples of Goals that might appeal to Pet-Loving NDIS Participants to request to have in their Plan. Everyone’s needs are different.

GOAL 1. Becoming Self-Sufficient and more Independent

PetCloud provides assistance with Household Tasks to help keep the homes of NDIS Pet Owners hygienic and to ensure the welfare of their animals is maintained.

Here’s a video providing examples of pet-related goals you could have in your NDIS plan if appropriate for your disabilities.

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GOAL 2. Community Participation

Pets provide a great reason for Pet Owners and Pet Lovers who are complete strangers to speak to each other in communities. Whether it’s a pat, a waive, a laugh, asking what breed, and how old, and talking about pet adventures you’ve had together.

PetCloud’s Support Workers will happily accompany NDIS Pet Owner Participants to the Park to start a friendly conversation with other Dog Owners and will give Participants tips on what questions they could ask, and how to keep conversations going, and also how to control and monitor their dog during a conversation, and understanding when to remove their own dog to avoid unsafe situations.

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Community Participation, NDIS Dog Walkers, PetCloud.
PetCloud’s Dog Walkers will happily accompany NDIS Pet Owner Participants to the Dog Park
NDIS Dog Walkers. PetCloud's Dog Walkers doing NDIS Community Participation at local parks.
PetCloud’s Dog Walkers will gladly help with Community Participation at local parks.

GOAL 3. Learning new skills, Enrolling in Education.

PetCloud’s Certified Pet Care Academy provides an outstanding opportunity for you to learn about pets and how to meet their many and various needs. This course has been developed in collaboration with highly qualified and experienced professionals from the RSPCA.

Do you have to be able to walk around the block to be a Pet Sitter?  No.  We recommend you read the article Is Pet Sitting Right for me?

NDIS Education, NDIS Online Education, Disability Study, NDIS Goals, PetCloud
Studying PetCloud’s Accredited Pet Care Course can create flexible job opportunities

GOAL 4. Getting or keeping a job

If you are reliable for the bookings you choose to take on, can communicate well, can use a smartphone, can control and care for a pet, then you could potentially become a Pet Sitter through PetCloud. We recommend you read the article Is Pet Sitting Right for me?

Disability Jobs, NDIS Goals, Disability Employers, PetCloud, NDIS Jobs
Pet Sitting is a flexible home-based job where you can work from home

Goal 5. Treatment in a hospital or institution

For some participants, one of their goals may seeking treatment in a hospital or institution. There may potentially be occasions. See: Does the NDIS pay for Pet Sitting?

ndis pet sitting

Goal 6. Maintenance and Care of an Assistance Dog or Guide Dog

Does the NDIS pay for Maintenance and Care of an Assistance Dog or Guide Dog? Maintenance and Care of an Assistance Dog or Guide Dog is highly possible.

Does the NDIS Cover Pet Sitting during Respite?

There are many NDIS Participants and their Carers or Families who want to have some relaxing respite care away somewhere. Typically Pet Sitting during respite is not covered. Participants are able to Post General Pet Sitting Job on PetCloud. This will send out a notification in a 25km radius of them and available Sitters will apply.

Need your NDIS Plan Managed? If you don’t yet have a plan, find out more about managing your NDIS plan here.

Join the PetCloud Community today! We’re nation-wide across Australia, and part-owned by RSPCA Queensland and we are an NDIS Registered Provider.

Household Tasks, NDIS Pet Care, Disability Supports, PetCloud

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