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Best Pet Jobs in the World

If you love animals and earning money, then this article is for you. There are so many awesome animal jobs out there so you can enjoy your passion and make a living in the process.

1. Pet Taxi Driver

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What is a Pet Taxi Driver?

A Driver who Cars owned and driven by Police checked, insured Pet Sitters in 4 door sedans or SUVs that are less than 10 yrs old. View Pet Taxi Jobs here

What does a Pet Taxi Driver do?

Pet Taxi Drivers pick up unaccompanied Pets from their homes and take them to pre-booked appointments at Vets or Groomers. They can sometimes transport pets to airports. Other times, they can also bring shelter pets or young pets to new adopting Pet Owners

How much do Pet Taxi Drivers earn?

It depends on the length of the trip, time of day or night, and whether there is any wait time involved, and any highway tolls.

2. Doggy Day Carer

Doggy Day Care Jobs, Pet Jobs, PetCloud

What is a Doggy Day Carer?

Someone who provides many different opportunities for mental stimulation for puppies and dogs: new sights, sounds, smells, friends to make, and games to play. View Doggy Day Carer Jobs here

What does a Doggy Day Carer do?

Sterilising equipment, Supervising pets during play, creating scent trails, cleaning up pet toilet messes, house training, praising, patting and cuddling, taking puppies and dogs through a desensitisation check list so they become a well adjusted adult dog.

How much do Doggy Day Carers earn?

It could range from $20 – $75 per pet per day. It depends on the location and venue. Volume of pets also depends on the location and venue. At home, depending on where you live, some council laws may only allow you to care for 2 dogs. While a commercial menu may allow you to have 15 dogs.

3. Dog Walker

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What is a Dog Walker?

Someone who visits a Pet Owner’s homes to take their dog for a walk for a 30 minute or 1 hour walk and then safely returns them home. View Dog Walker Jobs here

What does a Dog Walker do?

Your goal is to ensure dogs enjoy regular exercise, loving companionship, and positive reinforcement. Exercise through dog walks has huge mental and physical benefits for dogs as it increases serotonin, increases relaxation, keeps dogs in great shape, decreases problem barking, and provides them with mental stimulation as they sniff their surroundings.

  • Keeping dogs hydrated
  • Ensuring dog walks are done of the early morning or evening to avoid the risk of heatstroke and burnt paws.
  • Provide the leashed dog with clean water, pick up and dispose of their stools in the bin and report to the Owner any unusual consistency of their dogs stool.
  • Safely navigate dog introductions with other dogs and people
  • Avoid situations that are anxiety producing for their pet and will have full control of them at all times, especially during any trigger events such as birds, cats, traffic, or certain other dogs.
  • Positively Handling any Strong Unsocialised Dogs, or Leash Aggression.
  • Being prepared in Intense Weather (rain/hail/sun),
  • Being prepared if other Pet Owners who allow their dog off the leash in public with no control who will come bounding over to your client’s dog.

How much do Dog Walkers earn?

$36-$45 per hour depending on demand and where you live. Inner metro areas typically have higher demand and higher disposable incomes to pay higher wages. The cost of living in inner cities are also higher.

Poo Patrol
Recurring Service $25. Recurring Weekly, bi-weekly or fortnightly.
Ensuring a fresher, cleaner yard for the whole family. Pick up of all dog poos from your backyard, hose the cement or deck if they have urine and poo, clean and top up water bowl, give some pats, and then close gate.

Pet Jobs, Poo Patrol, PetCloud

Pet Supplies Errands
$3 per km If a Pet Owner has run out of flea shampoo/wormer/food a return trip to buy supplies and drop them off can be made.

Pet Taxi, Pet Supply Errands, PetCloud

4. House Sitter

House Sitting Jobs, Pet Jobs, PetCloud

What is a House Sitter?

Someone who stays at the home of an Owner to care for their multiple or large Pets and plants while they are away. View House Sitter Jobs here

What does a House Sitter do?

They might bring in the mail, water the garden, put chlorine in the pool, feed the horses, fill up the water trough.

How much do House Sitters earn?

Anything from $0 nothing on some sites, to $45 per night on other sites, such as PetCloud.

5. Pet Sitter

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Pet Sitter Jobs

What is a Pet Sitter?

A Pet Sitter is someone who board pets in exchange for money for a period of time at their home. View Pet Sitter Jobs here

What does a Pet Sitter do?

Pet sitters are responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business.

Duties include:

  • Daily Feeding, putting out fresh water every morning and evening & scrubbing bowls
  • Brushing pets
  • Taking dogs on walks, and providing exercise through play
  • Cleaning litter boxes
  • Additional services may include giving medications, vacuuming up pet hair in the house, or collecting the clients mail or newspaper
  • Pet sitters are also responsible for notifying owners and taking pets to the vet if they should become sick or suffer an injury while under their supervision

How much do Pet Sitters earn?

$30 on average. $20 per night for long term stays, and up to $50 per night for inner metro, short term stays.

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Pet Sitter Jobs
Found on PetCloud, this pet job was for $10,000 to care for a Rottweiler dog at a Pet Sitter’s home at the Gold Coast, in Queensland Australia.

Find out more about becoming a Pet Sitter.

6. 24hr Supervision/Post Operative Carer

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Vet Nurse Jobs

What is a Post Operative Carer?

A qualified Vet Nurse who monitors a Pet at their home, while the pet is recovering from an operation, or monitoring and caring for a high-needs pet with diabetes, incontinence, or an injury. View 24hr Post Operative Jobs here

What does 24hr Supervision / Post Operative Care involve?

Helping a Pet to eat and drink if they have an Elizabethan collar around their neck, giving injections, giving medication such as antibiotic eye or ear drops

How much do Post Operative Carers earn?

$80 per night.

7. Pet Concierge

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Pet Concierge Jobs

What is a Pet Concierge?

A Pet Walker, Preparer, Driver and Supervisor during a wedding. View Pet Concierge Jobs here

What does a Pet Concierge do?

A person who prepares a Pet for a special occasion by walking and relaxing them and feeding them on the morning of the event, and then sprucing them up with a bow tie or flower wreath and doggy cologne and then chaperones a Pet to their Owner’s wedding and supervises them during the ceremony and photos and then takes them home again. They ensure the Pet is hydrated with water, and shade, poos are picked up. Treats should be limited as this may cause unpredictable, uncontrollable, poos. Read about Ros & Gary’s experience being a Pet Concierge for weddings in Western Australia.

How much do Pet Concierges earn?

Typically $50-$60 per hour.

8. Dog Trainer

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Dog Trainer Jobs

What is a Dog Trainer?

Someone who trains dogs with control commands or correct improper learned behaviours so that they have a positive, happy, relationship with their Owner. View Dog Trainer Jobs here

What does a Dog Trainer do?

Dog Trainers organise group classes indoors or outdoors. They may do the following tasks:

  • Identify and overcome certain behavioral problems in dogs
  • Instruct dogs in certified assistant practices
  • Teach dogs how to complete agility courses or tricks
  • Reinforce positive behavior in dogs while training
  • Mentor owners to learn effective training techniques

How much do Dog Trainer earn?

It depends on whether they do group training or private sessions. Sometimes $75 per client per hour over a 6 week period.

9. Dog Groomer

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Dog Groomer Jobs

What is a Dog Groomer?

Someone who improves the hygiene and appearance of dogs and cats so that they are healthy.

What does a Groomer do?

Washing coats, clipping fur, clipping nails, grooming fur, and safely controlling pets while they have their hygiene and fur improved. View Dog Groomer Jobs here

How much do Groomers earn?

$60-75 per groom on average but it depends on the size of the dog, the state of the coat and whether any matting exists (ie whether the Owner has been brushing and washing the Coat between appointments with a slicker brush) and the type of coat, curly, double coated, wirey etc.

10. Pet Photographer

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Pet Photographer Jobs

What is a Pet Photographer?

You could have a pop-up stall at the markets or, a studio, or you could meet clients at specific locations outdoors such as a park or a beach or a Christmas event.

How much do Pet Photographers earn?

It depends whether you build up a reputation and brand. Anything from nothing $0 to tens of thousands of dollars. On average about $500 per session if they have an excellent portfolio, and are an experienced photographer. Printing and framing of photos can cost extra money.

11. Pet Baker / Pet Chef

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Dog Baker, Pet Baker, Pet Chef Jobs

Someone who bakes dog birthday cakes, treats, biscuits that typically are healthy or nutritious for the pet.

How much do Pet Chefs or Pet Bakers earn?

It depends on whether they have built up a customer base, with recurring business, whether they are good at baking and creating, and the reputation they build.

12. Pet Influencer

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Pet Influencer Jobs

What is a Pet Influencer?

Someone who have created an Instagram account for their Pet and posts in the voice of their pet with very high quality, funny photos and videos.

What does a Pet Influencer do?

Buys lots of pet costumes, props, and outfits. They may storyboard a short 30 sec to 1 minute funny video to the tune of a trending song on Instagram or TikTok.

How much do Pet Influencers earn?

How much a big brand is willing to pay for a sponsored post depends on the size of the social media account’s audience, the reach of their posts, the location of the account’s audience, engagement of the audience, and whether there is something unique about the Pet either in personality, looks, or both, along with the humour of the Owner that gives a unique voice or personality to the pet. It also depends on how viral the posts become, whether there has been any special appearances on news tv shows or Pet Events.

13. Animal Shelter Veterinarian

Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get Animal Shelter Veterinarian Jobs with PetCloud

Where can I find Pet Jobs?

PetCloud has a Pet Jobs board where you can find jobs all over Australia.

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Pet Jobs with PetCloud you can get. They have a Free Jobs Board.

Below is an example of Pet Jobs in Darwin

Pet Jobs in Darwin with PetCloud

PetCloud has Pet Jobs on the Gold Coast

Pet Jobs on the Gold Coast with PetCloud

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Perth

Pet Jobs in Perth with PetCloud

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Sydney

Pet Jobs in Sydney on the PetCloud Pet Jobs board

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Melbourne

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Melbourne

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Newcastle, NSW

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Newcastle, NSW

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Brisbane, Qld

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Brisbane Qld

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Adelaide, South Australia

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Adelaide South Australia

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Canberra, ACT

PetCloud has Pet Jobs in Canberra, ACT

PetCloud has Pet Jobs on the Sunshine Coast, Qld

PetCloud has Pet Jobs on the Sunshine Coast in Qld in Noosa and Coolum Beach, and Peregian Springs

14. Animal Nutritionist

Primary duties: An animal nutritionist understands dietary requirements, so they can be fed the right foods. They evaluate their behaviour when they eat food and make pointed recommendations to a zoo or government about their diet.
Education requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science is applicable if you’re starting out, but a masters’ degree can help you get a higher-level position.

15. Breeder

Primary duties: A breeder usually works with a specific animal and oversees the breeding process such as dogs and cats. The breeder also works closely with the veterinarian to undergo gene testing to make sure pets are healthy and breed out poor physical characteristics or diseases a breed may be prone to developing can be sold to potential owners.

Education requirements: There is no specific educational requirement to become a breeder, but it’s advised that someone in this role knows which type of animal they want to breed and work with a veterinarian in the process to learn responsible breeding.

16. Animal Control Officer

Primary duties: Animal control officers (also known as a Council Ranger) helps enforce laws regarding animal cruelty and may collect stray dogs from the street, placing them in council pounds. They search for wounded animals in their local area and take calls about animal incidents from residents. They also prepare reports on activities that they keep within their records.

Education requirements: High school diploma or General Educational Diploma required but they’ll need previous experience in working with animals so it’s encouraged to pursue volunteer opportunities in your area.

17. Animal Cruelty Inspector

Primary duties: Animal control officers help enforce laws regarding animal cruelty and work with animal welfare organisations. They search for wounded animals in their local area and respond to high priority reports about animal incidents from residents. They also prepare reports on activities that they keep may use towards prosecution cases for Court against criminals who are in breach of their duty of care according to the Animal Care and Protection Act.

Education requirements: High school diploma or General Educational Diploma required but they’ll need previous experience in working with animals so it’s encouraged to pursue volunteer opportunities in your area.

18. Animal Caretaker

Primary duties: An animal caretaker helps the well-being of animals in zoos, animal shelters, clinics, etc. You have to give food, water, adequate living spaces and time for them to exercise while under your care. It’s expected that you play with them when necessary and study any changes to their mood or health.
Education requirements: You don’t need formal education for this occupation, but a high school diploma or General Educational Diploma is recommended.

19. Aquatic or Wildlife Trainer

Primary duties: Animal trainers work with a various number of animals to perform specific tricks to impress the audience. Traveling is required for this role, as you’ll be working with animals during the circus and perform with them when necessary. Also, you need to train the animals to be loyal to you, so you can work with them.

Education requirements: You should have a high school diploma or General Educational Diploma, but a bachelor’s degree in marine biology may be required if you’re working with marine animals like dolphins or whales.

20. Zoo Keeper

Primary duties: Zookeepers specifically attended to wounded animals located at zoos. Zookeeper responsibilities can include feeding, grooming, cleaning and observing behaviour. They also answer important questions for the public about animals at the zoo about their diet and how they interact with humans
Education requirements: Zookeepers need to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology to work in this role. Internships and volunteer opportunities can be beneficial in earning an entry-level position.

21. Veterinary Technician

Primary duties: A veterinary technician performs routine check-ups, surgeries, emergency operations and prescribing medications at Vet Clinics or Animal Hospitals. They also conduct tests, keep files on their medical history, and take x-rays of bones.

Education requirements: An Associate’s Degree in Veterinary Technology and you’ll need to pass the veterinary technician national exam to be considered for employment. It’s also encouraged to become a member of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America to bolster your chances.

22. Veterinary Nurse

Primary duties: A veterinary nurse differs from a technician because they work alongside a licensed veterinarian to perform medical procedures. They’ll most work on physicals for animals, but they can also assist in withdrawing blood and vaccinations as well.Education requirements: A high school diploma or a General Educational Diploma is required, but educational requirements depend on the state you work in. However, most of them require you to complete a training program.

23. Veterinary Assistant

Primary duties: A veterinary assistant is the first person to attend to an injured animal. They speak with pet owners to address health concerns in addition to scheduling appointments, filling out important paperwork and administering follow-up procedures when applicable.

Education requirements: You can have a high school diploma General Educational Diploma for an entry-level position, but it’s recommended to get an associate’s degree to advance your career to become a technician.

24. Veterinarian

Primary duties: Veterinarians are medical professionals who treat diseases, disorders, and injuries in animals in order to keep them well and happy.

Education requirements: To become a Veterinarian in Australia, you need to complete an Undergraduate Bachelor’s Degree and then a Post Graduate degree in Veterinary Medicine. Depending on the university, it takes 3-5years of study and hands-on work experience. Once you graduate, you will need to register with the veterinary registration board in the state or territory you plan to practice in.

25. Marine Biologist

Primary duties: A marine biologist studies all marine life and their characteristics. They also see how underwater life interacts with other creatures they live with, along with their environment. Research can also relate to their interactions with human life and may require them to scuba dive to gather further information.

Education requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Marine Biology is required, but a master’s degree helps employees move up to higher-level positions.

26. Wildlife Biologist

Primary duties: A wildlife biologist is similar to a marine biologist except that they study animal behaviour on land in addition to how plants and their habitats interact with one another. They also look at the human impact it has on different types of wildlife and can go out into the field to gather specimens and conduct additional research.

Education requirements: A Bachelor’s Degree in Zoology, Wildlife Biology or Wildlife Ecology is required. Competition is high, so a master’s degree is recommended to work in this field.

27. National Parks Ranger

Primary duties: A conservation land manager is to protect the wildlife on the land they’re assigned to. This could be a forest, a park or land owned by a company or government.

Education requirements: They must have a bachelor’s degree, preferably in resource management and should work an internship or volunteer opportunities to gain more experience. Some states may also require a license as well.

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