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How to Find a Pet Friendly Rental Property

How to Find a Pet Friendly Rental Property

Finding pet friendly rental property can be competitive and challenging – but it is possible! If the end of your lease is coming up, here are some tips on how to increase your chances of success in a shorter amount of time.

According to a recent survey by Animal Medicines Australia the statistics for pets in Australia now sits at 30.4 million pets; to 25.6 million people. Thankfully, in line with recent housing law changes, more tenants are allowed to rent with pets. 

Check Every Rental website (not just the large ones): There are many directories, some specialising in pet-friendly properties for rent. Be sure to do a Google Search for “pet friendly rentals” that will show results in your area.

Create a Digital Pet Resume: PetCloud is one website that enables Pet Parents to create a free digital pet resume that you can share a link with prospective Property Managers.  You can display a cute photo of your Pet, along with your Pet’s Council Pet Permit, proof of desexing, proof of core vaccination certificates, obedience classes taken, which helps to persuade and shows you are a responsible Pet Owner. Don’t be afraid to ask whether the Owner will make an exception.

References: Having a reference from former Property Managers can help influence a potential landlord.  If you also have Payslips or Bank Statements showing proof of steady income, you’ll increase your chances for success.

Complete & Submit your Application before the inspection date: Prior to the inspection, complete and submit the digital rental application form, writing on it “Unseen – pending inspection” then greet the Property Manager by name and introduce yourself when you arrive to inspect, saying you already submitted an application for the property 

Post Your Own Ad: Post an ad on social media in a facebook group along with a smiley photo of you, your family and your pets stating what type of dwelling you are looking for, and for what weekly price range, and in what location.

Offer a Pet Bond: If you can afford it, offer an amount of money that you would be comfortable paying on top of the deposit as a Pet Bond. If you need to sway a reluctant Property Manager, being willing to pay an extra $50 to $100 dollars on top of the deposit on your lease agreement may help.

Offer a Meet and Greet: Offer prospective landlords a chance to meet your pet (works better for dogs) and your dog may save you a lot of effort by winning the landlord over for you.

Create a Back-Up Plan: If you have to move out by a certain date, make a contingency plan in case you don’t find a pet friendly rental property in time. For example you could place your belongings in storage for a month and you could create a Free job post on PetCloud to book a Pet Sitter for a month to care for your pets at their house.

Survey Reference: Animal Medicines Australia

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