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Ask a Vet: Why Does My Cat Love Sitting in the Bathtub?

Ask a Vet: Why Does My Cat Love Sitting in the Bathtub?

We all love a long relaxing session in the bath tub at home, or even better at the spa. The reasons are obvious…bubbles, warm water, steam and a peaceful place to unwind. 

But, it doesn’t explain why cats seem to share our love of hanging out in the bathtub. If you have often found your furry kitty sitting happily in an empty bath tub, you might be wondering why it enjoys this bathroom space so much.

Turns out it is common for kittens and cats to sit in a bathtub. Here are some of the top reasons why.


An Appealing Space

Cats love cozy spaces, and the bath is an enclosure that is compact but not threatening or unstable. Your cat knows it can easily jump out of the tub and run away to find another place to play. 

Also, the surface of the tub is smooth and feels nice to walk and lay on. Finally, the bathroom is usually warm. Your cat might be attracted to the snug environment. 


A Taste Of Water

It might seem ironic to find your cat in the tub, since many cats hate water. But just a little water can be very intriguing for curious felines. If you watch your pet cat long enough you might see it lick some water drops falling from the tap. It might be thirsty and getting a drink. Or it might be playing as the water falls suddenly and unexpectedly, tempting its curious nature.


A Chance To See You

Often cats will follow their owners into the bathroom. You thought it was the only room in the house that you can get some peace and quiet, then the little paws arrive on the scene. 

Cats are loving and affectionate and will follow you around, even into the bathroom. Next thing, your cat is in the bathtub. Seems like an easy place to go so your cat can see you and you can reach down (perhaps from the toilet seat) to give it a little pat.


Your Fur Ball Might Be A Water Baby

Cats can be very eccentric and have quirky temperaments. Some cats do like water. They are attracted to the sound of running water and will enjoy dipping their paws in for a play or even getting right into the water. Your cat might be in the bath tub giving you those eyes that are trying to say, “Turn on the taps and let’s splash around.”

Some breeds of cat are even very fond of water. If you own a beautiful Maine Coon, Abyssinian or Bengal cat you will have witnessed their pleasure at getting wet. 

One of the rarest cats in the whole world is the Turkish Van breed. It loves water and has a waterproof coat. It is often called “The Swimming Cat.”

So there you have it. There are many reasons why your cat might be hanging out in the tub. If only we could read their inquisitive little minds. We really have no way to know for sure why cats love sitting in the bath tub. There is no study that can offer proof. We have to go by our observations and forge our own opinions. 


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