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Toilet Training must have for your Dog when living in Apartment

Toilet Training must have for your Dog when living in Apartment

Toilet training a puppy is a little more of a challenge when you have an apartment a few stories up, and you can’t install a doggie door or easily let your dog outside. We show you some of your options.

The key with all potty training is to start early and be consistent. Place your dog on a regular feeding schedule so you can predict when they’ll need to go outside, and praise them, pat them, and give them a small treat every time they demonstrate good behaviour. WHAT POTTY TYPE TO CHOOSE? You might choose fresh grass over synthetic grass. There are some grass patch subscription delivery services in Australia.  The good thing is with fresh grass replacement, you wont have many odour issues.  However, this may be expensive to keep up.

Choose fresh grass over synthetic grass

So synthetic grass can be a good cost-effective option. The downside to the synthetic grass is that it can retain the smell.  We recommend getting the right synthetic grass cleanser and odour remover – one with enzymes in it. You can buy all the cleaning products in the world but if it doesnt neutralise the odour from the amonium in your dogs wee, then you’ll be wasting your money.

Potty Pacth with enzymes in it

You’ll find at least every 2-3 day youll be needing to rinse the synthetic grass either in the shower or your laundry tub (putting any poops in the toilet beforehand every few hours) and even pop it into the washing machine and then put it outside on your balcony (if you have one) to dry/air/get some sunshine.

Apartment Living Cleaning Synthetic Potty Grass

Odour Reducing Enzyme Sprays suitable for Synthetic Grass This one is by Rufus and Coco and smells devine. is an enzyme based product that sanitises your dog or cats Toilet area remove smells and breaks down the acid in your dogs wee that can cause carpet stains. I personally would recommend this as a MUST HAVE.

Odour Reducing Enzyme Sprays suitable for Synthetic Grass

Wee Care – is another enzyme based product that sanitises your dog or cats Toilet area. Wee Care is non toxic, non irritating,100% biodegradable and safe for your pet, family and the environment. With regular use Wee Care creates an odour free, living area for your pet.

Wee Care

ALTERNATIVE POTTY OPTIONS Alternatively, you might want to use Puppy Pads. While I do find the pads absorb the smell more (without the use of enzyme sprays) than the synthetic grass option, you will find yourself having to frequently buy bulk packets of puppy pads. It depends on your pooches preferences too. Some dogs wont use the same puppy pad twice. Others, are quite happy to use puppy pads a few times until ready for rolling up into a plastic bag for the bin.

Puppy Pads

This next product is EXTREMELY PUNGENT in smell so warning… USE SPARINGLY. Squirt a tiny amount anywhere on the puppy pad. The spray contains pheromones that attracts dogs to the smell and encourages dogs to wee in that spot.

Natures Miracle

And last of all, your friend will be a huge roll of highly absorbent paper towels to soak up any accidents before spraying the enzyme and odour spray.

Paper Towels

Pet Sitter Tip If youre a Pet Sitter reading this article – please don’t take on care of a dog who is used to going to the toilet outside if you have a carpeted apartment and no outdoor area. It will take more than a weekend to train any dog and you will end up with wee and poop stains all over the carpet. Whether you’re a Pet Owner or even an animal lover with no pets, join PetCloud and become a part of our online community.

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