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Perth’s Purrfect Solution for Student De-stress Revolution

Perth’s Purrfect Solution for Student De-stress Revolution
Since opening last July, more than 100,000 people have come to the Perth Cat Café for a cuddle and a coffee with their 12 cats – and after a visit there, you can see why. These fluffy little felines are specifically chosen for their friendly and calm personalities, and their love of cuddles from visitors: you just cant help but love them!

Perth Cat Café

It’s been proven that being able to care for an animal, or having one snuggle with you can reduce your stress levels, and with semester now being in full swing, what better place for students to go than a café where they can snuggle a cat, and sit with a coffee to smash out an assignment. ReachOut Australia suggests that studying with friends and being outdoors can help you cope with stress levels: bringing cats into the mix makes it that much better!

Proven that being able to care for an animal, or having one snuggle with you can reduce your stress levels

With 50% of Australian’s who develop a depressive disorder doing so before the age of 30 according to Headspace, now is the time for students to find a furry friend to help them through one of the most stressful times in their life. And maybe they can add a little saffron into their diets too, with Murdoch University researching the effects saffron can have on depression and anxiety in adolescents and children.

Depressive disorder

If you’re not sure if this will actually work, just take a look at one of the café’s regulars. Samantha Brown, who visited the café five times in March alone, looks completely stress free and happy as she plays with her favourite cat, Mowgli. She says that the Cat Café is the perfect way for her to get her feline fix, as she isn’t able to own a cat herself.

Mowgli the Cat's name

Visitor and Cat

At PetCloud, we are also an avid advocate for the de-stress and companionship benefits that Pets bring to the lives of humans. Animal lovers who can’t commit to pets long term shouldn’t have to miss out.

Animal lovers

Since it began, hundreds of students across Australia have signed up as Pet Sitters and have begun enjoying furry company while they hit the books or take a study break around the block.  Students are able to get started by creating their own listing. Bookings and payment for care is arranged through the website and Sitters get paid by PetCloud at the end of the stay.  For more information, visit PetCloud.

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Find local Vets, store your Pet’s Health, etc, download PetCloud today.

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