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Should I take my Dog on Holiday?

Should I take my Dog on Holiday?

Choosing to take a dog on holiday is a big commitment. There are several important issues to consider before deciding to take a dog on holiday. 

Choosing whether or not to take your dog on holiday with you is an important decision. There is some planning in advance you need to do and considerations you need to take into account before deciding if it will be the right thing to do.

What is the length of the Journey?

How long will it take to get there?  Long journeys can be distressing experiences for dogs.

Where are you traveling to for your holiday? 

If you are going on a cruise holiday or staying at a hotel, you will not be able to bring your dog with you.

How often should you take breaks when traveling with dogs by car?

Every 2 hours. Give them water, and toilet breaks, and ensure they are wearing a harness and leash in your hand the whole time so they don’t run off at any rest stops.


Where are you staying for your holiday? Are dogs allowed?  Is it an appropriate place to bring a dog? Make sure that you choose accommodation that not only allows dogs, but also is suitable for your dog. Is there enough space for your dog to roam around?

Is there a secure area outside for your dog to have exercise and go to the toilet? 

Holiday Activities

What activities are you planning on doing on holiday? Can your dog take part in your planned holiday activities?  You should plan holiday activities in advance to ensure that both you and your dog can participate and enjoy. 

Do you need someone to look after your dog when you are busy?  If you have arrived at a holiday destination and you have discovered new attractions that you dog can’t take part in, you can contact a local PetCloud Doggy Day Carer or Pet Sitter.

Some Marine Parks (beaches), State Forests, and walking trails don’t allow dogs. Many Art Galleries, Shops, and Restaurants also do not allow dogs. Many Carvan Parks also do not allow your dog to stay behind for the day as your dog may be at risk of being stolen, or dying of overheating being inside caravans or barking and disturbing the peace of fellow caravan park residents, leading to complaints. You also cannot leave leave them in the car as temperatures soar within minutes, causing death.

Your Dog’s Energy Levels

You should consider your dog’s temperament, age and energy levels when you are deciding if you should take it on holiday. An energetic puppy that gets easily stressed should not be taken on a long journey and cooped up in a caravan all day. 

Where do I take my dog if I can’t take them?

Leave your dog with a reputable dog sitter if you know that you are unable to take it on holiday. You should only leave your dog at home if you are certain that your dog will not be anxious, bark excessively, or try to escape during your time on holiday. Ensure that your dog is not in distress by keeping in contact with your dog sitter throughout your holiday. A reputable Pet Sitter will send you photo updates every 24hours.

How long can I leave my dog home alone with just someone dropping in?

RSPCA Vets advise that Home Visits (without a human staying in the home) should only go on for 2 days maximum.  Longer than that, dogs will howl, bark, destruct, escape or do anything to try and find their owner again. Dogs are pack animals and love company.

What mode of transport will you use to get there?

If you are traveling by car to your destination, you should make sure that you have suitable travel equipment so that your dog feels comfortable during the journey.  

Pet Transport by plane can be expensive, and there have been brachycephalic dog breeds (short nose dogs) are deemed high risk as many cannot get enough air or they have overheated when being loaded onto the tarmac and died.  

This is one example published on the news site, 10 Daily:

This is another example published on the news site, 9 News:

And below is a screenshot of Airline Staff chatting in an Australian facebook group talking about young dogs being sent interstate by Breeders to their new Owners, unaware of the what their new Pet will have to endure:



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