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Finding The Best Care For Your Pets These School Holidays

Finding The Best Care For Your Pets These School Holidays

With the School Holidays fast approaching many of you will be making plans to take advantage of the break to get away from your normal routine to explore nature and relax. However have you thought about who will care for your family pets?

Reputable Pet Sitting services, such as PetCloud, get booked out months in advance, so now is the time to start connecting with potential Carers.

You have a few options:

1. Booking a Pet Sitter who lives at your holiday destination and bringing your dog on the road with you.

2. Booking a House Sitter to stay in your home (good if you own cats, multiple pets, large pets, or pets that can’t easily be moved such as horses, fish or chickens)

3. Booking your Dog to go and board with a Pet Sitter at their home.

4. Booking home visits if you own Cats. (where a Sitter lets themselves in with your key to feed and water your cats).

Home environments are best for pets, while kennels are suitable for dogs who may be escape-artists in digging and fence jumping and prone to destruction.

Remember to assess their Property in Advance.

Whatever option you decide, make sure you put your pet’s best interests first. If you are choosing a Pet Carer – you are also making the decision about whether their property is suitable for your pet type and size and is escape proof and hazard-free.  So being assertive and requesting a property walk-through during daylight hours is key. This way, if adjustments need to be made, or if its totally unsuitable, you still have time to connect with other Pet Carers.

Remember to do due diligence on the Pet Carer.

With regard to the Pet Carer, make sure they have police checks, training qualifications, experience, verified reviews, and the company has insurance.

Booking through a third party company may expedite this process for you if they have done all of these checks, and ensures accountability of the Sitter and provides you with a legal written online contract of the services to be provided, and also a list of Pet Sitter interview questions that will help you to discuss expectations and ensure premium care of your pets.

Remember to check compatibility of your Pet with any pets the Carer might have

Ask the Pet Carer whether they have any pets, or if they will be taking on any other guest pets during your pet’s stay. Introduce your Pet to the Carer’s own pets. While not always a predictor of compatibility during a stay, it certainly can help.  Ask how they will handle compatibility problems if they arise (such as separating pets with physical barriers, gates, fencing, rooms etc).

PetCloud is Australia’s most trusted national Pet Care Service network with 5 star reviews and thousands of Pet Carers ready to care for your pet in loving homes.

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