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Preparing your Pet for a Pet Taxi to Vets & Groomers

Preparing your Pet for a Pet Taxi to Vets & Groomers

Throughout a Pet’s life, there usually several appointments per year to Dog Training classes, Vet Check ups, and Grooming appointments. A reputable Pet Taxi service that can take unacccompanied pets to and from appointments is a great way to ensure your pet will be safely getting to their health and wellness appointments.

When travelling in a Pet Taxi, the type and size of the pet will determine where in the vehicle they are best to be placed.  Please don’t request to place a pet in the front seats of the car, as air bags can go off and harm them.

All Pets must be wearing a collar, along with an engraved ID tag with their name, your name, and your phone number.

Breaks for Long Trips

On road trips of more than two (2) hours duration, adequate stops should be made to allow dogs and cats the opportunity to exercise, eat, drink, urinate and defecate where appropriate and for enclosures to be cleaned where necessary. 

Adequate Carriers

If you own a Cat that you wish to have transported, you will need to purchase a Cat Carrier which has a carry handle on top and segments for the back seat belt to strap into.


You should also provide your pet’s body harness and leash in the car for use at the destination.

For Dogs, you need a Pet body harness


These have a metal loop on the back that seat belt adapators can be clipped to.

If you choose to use a foam booster seat for little dogs, ensure that the booster is looped in by the seat belt. 

Next you need to buy a short seat belt safety loop that you feed a back seat belt through like this:

The Driver should have clean towels handy, a roll of paper towels, poo bags, pet friendly cleaning spray, and a box of sanitiser hand wipes in case.


Pet Back Seat Hammocks also helps protect your car seats from Pets who may become nauseous (car sick) or have toilet accidents and weak bladders.

Got a bigger doggo? You may be best off transporting them in the rear section of your car, enabling them to see over the seats if you have an SUV vehicle. 

This is a small 4WD

Alternatively, you can have a large crate that medium to large dogs can sit in.  No animal may be transported in the boot of a sedan.

This is a 4WD

Ensure you have a leash in the car, ready to clip onto their harness when you take them out of the car:

Congratulations – you’ve just safely helped a Pet get to the Vet, Groomers, or Training Classes!




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