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How to make $100,000 as a Pet Sitter

How to make $100,000 as a Pet Sitter

If you are ambitious to earn money and want to work full time with pets, it is possible to earn $100K through PetCloud. Here’s how…

Step 1. Build up 25 Clients on PetCloud

Step 2. Get about half of those clients involved in weekly recurring bookings.

3 x dogs at $36 per 1hr walk Morning = $108

3 x doggy day care $50 each = $150

3 x dogs at $36 per 1hr walk Afternoon = $108

Total per day (for 9 of your Clients) = $366 x 5 days per week for x 52 weeks per year = $95,160 

Step 3. Out of the 25 Clients, assume they each travel for at least 2 weeks every year 25 x 14 days at $75 overnight pet sitting = $26,250 

During their pet sit, you wash, brush, and dry each one of the 25 dogs for $35 each = $875 and, 

You offer to pick up and drop off for at least half of those pet sits at both the start and the end of the stay. 15 clients x $60 = $900

Step 4. You offer Pet Taxi services to take at least 15 Clients dogs to the Vet for their annual health check up 15 x $60 = $900

Step 5. You do Pet Concierge Services for at least x 5 weddings per year $60 x 4hrs x 5 = $1200

Gross Subtotal: $125,285 

Less 19%: Along the way, your bookings will have 19% deducted for advertising, support, marketplace listing & app, liability insurance, & training

Total: $101,480.85

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