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Awesome Examples of Pet Sitter Listings

What would you look for if you were hiring a stranger to do a job that you had to rely on them and trust them to do?

In order to create a professional looking Pet Sitter Listing, you need to put yourself in the shoes of a busy Pet Owner who is searching for Pet Care online.  Typically, they are short on time, and big on wanting to find the most trustworthy, reliable person to look after their pet. Your listing represents you and what you want to say about yourself and the experience you have to offer.  

To start with, your profile photo is represented as a thumbnail throughout various areas of the site.  It needs to show your face, but should reflect you as a Happy and Professional looking Pet Lover.  It’s the first thing the Pet Owner will notice as they are scolling through Pet Sitter listings in their area so make sure its your best.  

Keep scrolling down to see awecome examples of listings!!

1. Simone

Immediately you can see the first listing stands out amongst the other listings as the Sitter has a clear, smiley, profile photo with a little dog. Her usual job title under her photo mentions what she does aside from pet sitting. Simone also has a Police Check and has done the RSPCA Qld Accredited Animal Care course.

Creating a professional looking pet sitter listing on PetCloud is easy. It relies on 2 things: 1) High quality photos taken with a digital SLR camera of the sort of pictures that Pet Owners are looking for, and 2) a professional sounding listing that tells Pet Owners about your experience with pets, tells them about why you are the best choice, and gives them references they can read from former clients.

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2. Susie 

Susie has done a terrific job of displaying bright, high quality, clear photos, that shows a busy, time-poor Pet Owner where their pet will safely play, rest, and go for walks. It shows her high secure fences, undercover areas, and side runs of the house.  One of her other photos shows Susie walking dogs on the beach too. Well done Susie!

RSPCA foster carer


3. Nillufer

Nillufer has done an excellent job in showing busy, time-poor Pet Owners clear photos of her high, secure, hazard-free yard, and indoor tiled area. Great work Nillufer!

Friendly Pet Care Dude



4. Debbie

The photos on Debbie’s listing quickly communicates to busy Pet Owners that: 1. She has a large fenced property 2. She is confident with medium to large dogs who are welcome on her furniture 3. That dogs can have an optional supervised doggy paddle in her fenced shaded pool during the summer to cool down. Other photos also shows that she understands the importance of enrichment toys to keep dogs occupied, and she has lots of verification badges and lots of reviews.

Debbie used to work in Pharmacy and has now side-stepped into Pet Care where she has proved extremely popular with Pet Owners in the Caboolture area who just love her and her husband Warren.  She is able to put her medical knowledge to use particularly when monitoring senior pets and likes to keep Pet Owners informed with regular photo updates, particularly if a dogs behaviour, or toileting seems irregular. Debbie’s listing has lots of great photos that show where pets can play safely and also shows secure high fencing. Debbie has also taken the time to undergo online RSPCA Qld accredited pet sitter training, a police background check, and is very responsive to pet owner inquiries.  She has also put up PetCloud flyers on her local community notice boards and has PetCloud Sitter business cards that she asked our team to personalise for her.  Debbie also has a stack of 5 star Pet Owner reviews which she asks Pet Owners to leave for her on her listing. To top it all off, she is a great communicator, and makes an effort to welcome pets and their owners with a warm smile and by remembering and using their names. Well done Debbie!

Ready to upload photos to your listing? Head there now!

Find local Vets, store your Pet’s Health, etc, download PetCloud today.

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