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5 Dog Breeds Who Love The Party Season

5 Dog Breeds Who Love The Party Season

The festive season means entertaining, dinners, BBQs, family lunches and drinks with friends, but what will your fur baby think of all those guests?

Guests are on your doorstep but how will your doggo react – will they be the perfect host or less than impressed.

Protective dog breeds may tolerate new faces but will be relieved to see them leave.

Many working and herding breeds were developed to watch strangers not entertain them.


Other breeds like a few quiet visitors, but will not be thankful for loud, noisy groups.

And some individual dogs, regardless of breed, are 100% family focused they will scowl when they hear the knock on the door.

Lets explore five breeds that are not only good with your Christmas guests but will likely entertain them too!


French Bulldog, PetCloud, Christmas, Companion Dog, Pet Sitting, Dog Sitting, Dog Minder

A true companion dog who delights in the arrival of guests, as well as the tasty morsels they drop.

Frenchies are well-tempered, easy-to-keep and calm, plus self-asssured enough to catch some z’s and share a symphony of snoring smack bang in the middle of a get-together when a nap is required.

Plus I won’t hassle you for long walks while you’re busy entertaining.

But don’t mistake laid-back for dull: my passion for comedy and personality will sparkle and shine for guests so lets start the party.


PetCloud, Dog Boarding, Dog Sitting, Christmas, Coton De Tulear, Small Dog

This social butterfly will roll out the red carpet for your guests.

Coton De Tulear’s forefathers became the much-love Royal Dog of Madagascar and it’s easy to see why as this pooch is fluffy, cheerful, small but sturdy and the joy on any day.

They will greet guests with gusto, performing a jig, smile or clever vocalisation.

A truly adaptable breed will embrace holiday tunes, decorating the house and opening the door to many a new guest with neither flashy guests nor spirited talk chasing them from the room.



Bichon Frise, PetCloud, Christmas, Dog Sitting, Dog Boarding

Known as “the Love Dog”, it’s no surprise the Bichon Frise loves meeting guests and guests will loe their powder puff appearance and merry nature.

This pooch, originally developed in the Mediterranean from Poodles and Water Spaniels, will alert you to your guests arrival, but will certainly not shoo them away.

Their natural love of the performing arts will see them charming your guests with affection and maybe a spontaneous show or two.

Your guests can cuddle these pooches without the worry of being left covered in dog hair as they also don’t shed much, one of this fur babies many lovely traits.


PetCloud, Labrador, Christmas

The sporty and enthusiastic Golden Retriever is keen to enjoy their new playmates and your pooch will be thinking, “They came for their benefit, right?”

You can become their new best friend by throwing a ball with one hand, while sipping your Christmas drinks in the other.

Developed as an outstanding gundog for retrieving fowl and the breeds founder, Lord Tweedmouth, helped nurture their athleticism, passion for water and gentle mouths.

Their openhearted spirit and positive energy making for hosting skills that are golden: excitedly awaiting guests, amusing them throughout the event and looking sad when they leave.


Bernese Mountain Dog, Dog Sitting, Dog Boarding, big dogs, Christmas, Snow

Bred in Switerzland as a general farm dog this working dog nowadays is more family-focused, however relatively calm with guests.

They may not instantly delight in guests, initially aloof with a brief greeting of strangers is nothing to be concerned about, but their generous and affectionate nature means they will usually warm up quickly.

By the end of the first round of food and drinks they will be soaking up attention and adding to the festivities.

If your puppy or dog is quite anxious or uncomfortable with strangers, or is not the social butterfly at a gathering then why not book them in with a pet sitter for the day to keep them calm and happy.

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TELL US: Is your dog good with holiday guests? In your experience, what dogs are good with holiday guests?

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