Puppy Profile: French Bulldog

by Catherine / Puppy Profiles / 6 Jul 2017

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The bat-eared but uniquely beautiful French Bulldog are a rare breed all about inner beauty. Many adore this breeds attributes and personality which are what make it one of the best companion dogs in the world today. Frenchie’s charm make a fabulous family friend and show dogs.


Height: 28cms - 31cms tall at the shoulder
Weight: 7.25kgs – 13kgs
Lifespan: 11 - 14 years
Country of Origin: England
Breed Type: Companion Dog


Exercise Needs        
four out of five paws, petcloud

three out of five paws, petcloud

Health and Grooming
three out of five paws, petcloud

All Around Friendliness
four out of five paws, petcloud

 three out of five paws, petcloud
Information reference dogtime.com

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The French Bulldog was created in England to be a toy-size version of the Bulldog and has a long history of being a companion dog. They were popular among lace works in Nottingham and immigrated with their owners to France where they thrived in France and Europe.


Family: Suitable for all age types and great with children, these companion dogs thrive on human contact so are not suited to being alone for long periods or left outside to live.

Personality: Easy going personality, like to play but also enjoys days relaxing on the sofa. Smart, fun-loving freethinker and loving dog who wants and needs lots of time with people, loves being the centre of attention.

Temperament: Vivacious, deeply affectionate, intelligent, wonderful watchdogs but can become territorial.

Trainability: Can be easy to train with consistency, patience and firmness as they can be stubborn. Dog is sensitive to the voice, especially screaming. Positive reinforcement and encouragement works best.

Sociabilty (other pets): Excellent with other dogs and pets, socialising is important as they can get possesive of their humans.

Barking: Low tendency, quiet breed which is great as an apartment dog



Grooming Needs: Use a firm bristle brush on a regular basis, and bathe once every two weeks in the warmer months and bathe once a month in the colder months.

Coat Type: Texture fine, smooth, lustrous, short and close.

Moulting: Minimal shedding but prone to drooling and flatulence.


Exercise Needs: Minimal exercise, but daily exercise of short walks or play time in the yard are required to keep healthy weight

Diet: Very susceptible to overheating, must have fresh water available at all times. Read more on "How to keep pets cool during summer" here.

Average Life Span: 10 – 12 years 

Special Considerations: Can experience breathing difficulties and overheating in hot weather. Most cannot swim, so take caution around water.
Potential health problem to watch is weakness in the back, aggravated by jumping down from furniture, especially while young.
To get a healthy dog, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, puppy mill or pet store.

Their humorous and mischievous nature means they are great comedians – full of tricks and surprises.



  • Frenchie’s do not make great swimmers because of their top heavy nature
  • A French Bulldog was a passenger on the Titanic and was insured for $750, equivalent to over $20,000 today
  • Celebrities who love French Bulldogs include Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, Ashley Olsen, Leonardo DiCapio and Victoria Beckham.
  • Most French Bulldogs are born through artificial inseminations which makes each litter more expensive but allows breeders to check for potential problems during the process.
  • They got the nickname “Frog Dogs” due to the way they lay with their back legs splayed out behind them. 


French bulldog, Ronnie, Sydney, frenchie, dog lovers
Starring Ronnie 
Mel from Sydney, New South Wales got her French Bulldog as a “move in with me” bribe for her partner and now couldn’t imagine life without him! Mel shares how Ronnie love snuggles, the company of people and wiggles his butt as soon as Mel comes home.

Mel feel in love with his huge ears, squishy face and beautiful temperament. “He’s not the smartest crayon in the box but luckily his good looks make up for it. He’s very active and love to socialise…[but] they are a very lazy and stubborn breed. He likes to be dragged along the grass sometimes”.

There are some health concerns with Frenchies and Mel shares the value of pet insurance. “Frenchies are prone to brachycephalic airway issues due to their squishy faces and Ron did require the surgery to help his breathing [by having] his soft palate cut back. His pet insurance covered this surgery…He is worth every cent I’ve spend on him.”

French bulldog, Cleo, Brisbane, frenchie, dog lovers
Starring Cleo, Ace and Evee
Vanessa from Brisbane, Queensland decided the size, quiet nature and cheeky nature of the French Bulldogs would lead her to come a fur parent. Cleo, pictured, was her first furbaby and Ace and Evee joined the family not long after.

This entertaining breed will have you hooked from the start. Vanessa shares, “They barely bark but talk in their own little language often. Easily trained and very intelligent, I taught all three of my frenchies to bow, twirl, talk, sit and lay.”

Being the perfect size to bundle up and take anywhere they are the perfect companion anywhere, anytime Vanessa says, but don’t have the best manners. “[They] are incredible social little things and usually have to be somehow on top of you when sitting. They all snore like a human… [are the] fussiest eaters you will come by and are the gassiest little dog ever!” 

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