How to plan a Caravanning Road Trip with your Pet

by Shekhar Raychaudhury / Travel / 20 Nov 2015

dog in caravan

Caravanning and camping holidays are a great way for families to enjoy the great outdoors together, and that should include the beloved family pet!

Before you go, plan your trip

  • Ensure your pet is fully vaccinated and its registration is up-to-date
  • Check your pet’s name and your contact details are clearly marked on a name tag attached to their collar
  • Make sure you have appropriate equipment to transport your pet
  • Check out the awesome range of RV's & caravans from which is a community of campers where users can share Caravans, Motorhomes, Campervans & Camper Trailers.
  • Research your destination – Do your research and make a list of the most breathtaking camping destinations across Australia.
  • Before you leave home, make sure you pack everything your pet will need for the duration of the trip, as you may not be able to buy the products when travelling or at your final destination

Items to pack for your pet:

Items to pack for your pet

  • Pet Food
  • Grooming equipment, such as brushes and shampoo
  • Toys and blankets and coat if required
  • ‘Pooper scooper’ or plastic bags to keep the areas you visit clean
  • Collar and lead
  • Any medication your pet might require
  • On the road, it is important to look after your pet, as some animals react differently to travel and without proper care, it can cause them distress.  If you are planning to take them on a long car trip, it might be worthwhile taking them on a short practice drive to monitor their behaviour first.

While travelling, look after your pet by:

  • Take enough water for them for the journey
  • If you are taking your cat or bird, which traditionally do not like to travel, place a blanket or cover over their carry cage in the car, as this can help to keep them calm.
  • Make sure they do not overheat or get too cold
  • Make regular stops every 2 hours to give your pets a toilet break and exercise your dog during long journey.

Taking pets on a caravaning or camping trip can always be an issue because they become overstimulated by all the new sights, smells, animals & people.

During your stay at a caravan / holiday park, make sure you:

  • Respect the park’s regulations and be considerate of your fellow guests – don’t allow your pet to dominate the space.
  • Always pick up any dog droppings
  • Keep your pet under control at all times, as much as for their safety as the safety of those around you.

What do do with Pets while you attend Non-Dog Friendly Events

In some towns, the local attractions may not be dog-friendly, such as Wineries, Art Galleries, Blues Festivals, some Hiking Trails, and general Shopping Centres.  Bike riding is also an activity that makes it a challenge to include pets.  Most caravan parks don't allow you to leave your pets behind without supervision as they may disturb the peace of other holidaying people in close proximity.

So if you need to head out for the day,  you are able to search for a Pet Sitter who offers Doggy Day Care through PetCloud

You may also find the same challenge if you want to head out for the evening with friends to a restaurant or a movie theatre which may not be dog-friendly. PetCloud also has Pet Sitters who also offer Evening care.  So plan your week ahead, and factor in a Meet & Greet in advance to ensure the Sitter's own pets are compatible with yours, and to ensure their property is escape proof.

With proper planning, your pet will enjoy their holiday as much as the rest of the family! There is nothing better than rounding up your family and heading out on the open road because its these camping trips that create memories for a lifetime. So plan your Trip now and amplify your camping experience with Camplify


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