How To Make Your Home Calming for Anxious Pets

by Deb Morrison / Pet Care, Health & Fitness / 14 Jan 2018

Peaceful Lounge Room

Thunderstorms, fireworks, car alarms, house parties, kids in the park shrieking and behaving unpredictably or wanting to pet your shy canine or feline guest, strangers coming to the house for a barbecue … it’s not surprising some pets can get a little stressed!

As a Pet Sitter it is your responsibility to create a peaceful environment for them to come and stay at, and kicking the stay off in the right way will put your in good stead to building rapport with your furry guest.


1. On your stereo softly play string and wind instrument music such as Pachelbel's Canon in D (steer clear of percussion music that contains drums)

2. Plug in wall adaptors that contain synthetic pheromone scents such as Adaptil for dogs or Feliway for cats

3. Get any young children present to speak softly and make them aware that a pet is feeling scared/worried.

4. Give them some treats such as fresh cheese or cooked chicken breast as you slowly talk to them and pat them

5. Separate any other pets in the house and keep them away for at least an hour

6. Take them for a tour throughout the house and backyard and let them sniff and toilet outside if they need.

7. Ensure the Owner provides toys or a bed that is familiar smelling and meaty bones to chew (for dogs)

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how to calm an anxious dog
Dogs can pick up on your energy too, so make sure as a host you are calm

8. Take them for a walk for an hour, this help to relax them.

9. Introduce dogs in neutral territory such as a park if possible.

10. Ensure the temperature at home is comfortable and turn on fans, aircon, or warmth to adjust if necessary.

11. Essential oil such as lavender can be good diluted in a diffuser or diluted in a water based mist spray.  NEVER apply an essential oil onto a dog or their collar without diluting first.

12. Turn on lamps at night with warm globes in them, instead of bright halogen overhead lights.


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