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Could the Yorkshire Terrier Be the Perfect Dog for You?

Could the Yorkshire Terrier Be the Perfect Dog for You?

A beautiful dog that exposes style and class, the Yorkshire Terrier is a feisty yet loving toy dog that catches the glance of everyone who walks by. If you are interested in a regal toy dog breed, the Yorkshire Terrier may be the perfect pet for you. Read on to learn more.


Breed Snapshot

Size Small Dog (3kg); 18 – 20cm in height

Coat Silky smooth human hair-like fur that needs to be groomed almost daily

Energy High energy breed that should be walked at least twice daily.

Lifespan 11 – 15 years

Country of origin Yorkshire, England

Breed type Toy group terrier that has a spunky and loving personality. This is a true show dog.

Other names Yorkie

Great breed for:

  • Singles
  • Apartment living of home with a yard
  • Families with kids
  • Urbanites

An Introduction to the Yorkshire Terrier

If you are looking for feisty little dog that is full of spirit, look no further than the adorable little Yorkshire Terrier! This dog is coveted among the rich and famous as well as royalty and was first bred in Yorkshire, England during the 1800s, hence the name, Yorkshire Terrier. Whilst now a show dog, the Yorkshire Terrier used to be a mill dog that kept rats and other rodents away.

Yorkshire Terriers are part of the Toy Group of dogs because of their small stature. This dog measures in at only 18 – 20cm and weighs about 3kg. They are pocket dogs that can be toted around just about anywhere.

What the Yorkshire Terrier is lacking in size, it makes up for in personality! These are high energy dogs that form strong bonds with their owner. The Yorkshire Terrier is very protective of its family and is not afraid to stand its ground when he or she perceives a threat. This dog demands to be the center of attention and will charm you for sure.

What Does a Yorkshire Terrier Look Like?

Yorkshire Terriers are best described as little bundles of joy that you can primp and glam them into the royalty that they are. The Yorkshire Terrier is a true show dog with long fur that can be perfectly sculpted to drape around their body like a cape. Their fur is soft as silk, and it resembles human hair more than it does animal fur.

This dog has a small body beneath all its fur and a tiny little face that begs for your undivided attention. Yorkshire Terriers have protruding snouts and feature tan and bluish grey coloured fur. Many Yorkshire Terriers have streaks of white or cream colour in their coats, which adds to their beauty.


How Do I Groom My Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terriers are high maintenance dogs that require a lot of grooming to keep their luscious coat looking perfect. For a real show dog look, you should take your Yorkshire Terrier to a professional groomer for regular haircuts. Their body fur can be grown out long, but their facial fur should be kept short so they can see. You can dress your dog or put bows on top of her head.

You should brush your dog’s teeth and clean their ears regularly to keep them healthy. For more information on taking care of your Yorkshire Terrier, visit The Yorkshire Terrier Club NSW.


How Often Should I Walk My Yorkshire Terrier?

Your Yorkshire Terrier should be walked at least twice per day for 30 minutes so that he or she can get exercise. A simple walk up the street will do as this dog has little legs. Yorkshire Terriers love spending time with their human family so a brisk walk can be enjoyable for the both of you.


Why Are Yorkshire Terriers So Special?

Yorkshire Terriers are a highly affectionate breed that forms strong bonds with their owners. They make a great companion, especially if you live alone and would like a furry little mate to spend time with. This is a breed that loves to be pampered and they are fun to doll up and groom. Your Yorkshire Terrier will be your best friend and will expect all of your attention.


FAQs About Yorkshire Terriers

Can a Yorkshire Terrier be left alone while I am at work?

Ideally, you should not leave a Yorkshire Terrier home alone all day while you are at work. Puppies can only be left alone for a couple of hours at most whilst adults can stay home alone a little longer. This breed suffers from separation anxiety, so you should hire a dog sitter if you need to be away from home for an extended period of time.

Are Yorkshire Terriers Yappers?

Yes! Yorkshire Terriers have a tendency to bark anytime something changes around them or if they perceive a threat. These dogs usually bark when they are trying to scare off a stranger or if it wants to get your attention. Engaging your dog in mentally stimulating activities can reduce the barking.

What is the lifespan of a Yorkshire Terrier?

As long as you provide your Yorkshire Terrier with a healthy diet and give him or her lots of love, you can expect your dog to live between 11 – 15 years.

What kind of dog food should I feed my Yorkshire Terrier?

Your Yorkshire Terrier should eat high quality dog food that is geared toward small dogs. They are also able to eat some human foods, but be sure to check with a vet first to determine what foods will make them ill.

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