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Choosing the Best Food for Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

Choosing the Best Food for Your Dog’s Nutritional Needs

With aisles and aisles full of different types of dog food, it can be a challenge to decide which one is best for your dog. These tips can help you make a good choice for your pet.

What is the best dog food for dogs?

There are many types of Pet Food – Raw and Fresh, Freeze dried, Grain-free, Vet formulated – choosing the healthiest dog food for your pet’s¬†nutritional needs depends on many different factors.

Puppies Versus Seniors

A frolicking, hyper puppy will require a much higher energy food than a slower, senior adult dog. Take this into consideration when shopping for food, buying a specialty food that is appropriate for your dog’s age. You might also consider feeding wet food instead of dry kibble, as this type of softer food is gentler on a puppy’s or senior dog’s more fragile teeth.

Small and Large Breeds

If your dog is not the average size pooch, but fits into a small breed or large breed class, they may do better with a specific food that’s designed for their size. Dry kibble made for small breeds has smaller pellets, whereas dry kibble made for large breeds has larger chunks, making it easier for them to eat. You can also buy servings of wet food for small or large breeds that will feed the appropriate amount for each dog’s size.

Working Breeds

If your dog is a working cattle dog, they will need food with a higher amount of carbohyrdates than a dog that might only get a short walk per day.

Medical Specialties

Foods made with special medical needs in mind can help ailing dogs have a higher quality of life. If your dog has food allergies, skin allergies, issues with weight, a chronic illness, or dental problems, there is a food to match. Ask your vet which types of foods are best for your dog’s special needs. They will know your dog’s medical history and be able to make a personalised recommendation.

Ingredients Matter

Not every dog food is created equal. Many cheaper brands of dog foods contain lots of fillers and very little nutritional value. Stay away from dog foods that are filled with large amounts of wheat, corn, or soy. Also steer clear of foods that use artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, since these are very unhealthy for your dog.  

Look for premium brands with high quality ingredients. Never assume a dog food is good quality because it has a fancy looking label. Read the ingredients every time to be sure of what your dog is getting. The first ingredient in a good quality food will always be meat. It should include a variety of fruits and vegetables, plus essential fatty acids too.

Don’t take the matter of what your dog eats lightly. It can add years to your dog’s life, or subtract them, so please choose wisely.

Who you Shop with, Matters

We recommend supporting an ethical, organic, Australian made dog food company with quality assurance processes in place. Your dog can change the world!

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