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What does a Pet Sitter do?

Ever wonder about the life of a pet sitter? If yes, then read on because we’re going to talk about what a typical day might be like.

Pet sitters are responsible for all basic animal care while their clients are on vacation or traveling for business. Routine duties include: Daily Feeding,

PetCloud Pet Sitter feeding the dog

Putting out fresh water every morning and evening

PetCloud Pet Sitter filling a dogs water bowl

Brushing pets,

PetCloud Pet Sitter brushing the dog

Taking dogs on walks

PetCloud Pet Sitter walking the dog

Cleaning litter boxes. Disposing of any poop.

PetCloud Pet Sitter disposing of cat poop in an apartment PetCloud Pet Sitter disposing of dog poop in an apartment

Image credit: @millytoycavoodle

Additional paid services may include giving medications, washing the pet. If you are doing house sitting, then vacuuming up pet hair in the house, watering the plants, or collecting the client’s mail & newspaper. Pet sitters are also responsible for notifying owners and taking pets to the vet if they should become sick or suffer an injury while under their supervision. If this sounds like you, then JOIN FREE TODAY:

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