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Is the Weimaraner dog breed your ideal companion?

Is the Weimaraner dog breed your ideal companion?

The Weimaraner is a gorgeous and friendly dog. Keep reading to see if this energetic and loving breed is right for you.

Breed Snapshot:

•   Size: Large breed. They can weigh around 27 kgs and can be between 61 to 69 cm tall.

•   Coat: Short and soft coat. They are prone to shedding during the warmer months and should be brushed frequently during their shedding times.

•    Energy: High energy. A simple walk around the park won’t cut it for this breed. They need an excessive amount of exercise every day to maintain their physical and mental health

•   Lifespan: 10 to 13 years

•   Country of Origin: Germany

•   Breed Type: Descendant of the Bloodhound. This breed is extremely athletic and also make great hunters. They are loyal and affectionate and love to interact with their human family members on a constant basis

•   Great Breed For: Farmhouses, Homes with large yards, Families with children of all ages


What is the Weimaraner?

The Weimaraner is a friendly and courageous breed. They are known for the loveable and empathetic personalities. Many people think that the Weimaraner makes the perfect pet due to the fact that they are easy to train and great with kids.

The Weimaraner breed was developed in the 19th century after a German nobleman found himself desperately seeking an athletic hunting dog. Historically, this breed was used for hunting out large animals such as bears and mountain lions. This breed is incredibly athletic and alert.


What Does the Weimaraner Look Like?

Weimaraners are loved by many for their breathtakingly beautiful appearance. They are a large breed of dog that gets up to 69 cm tall. These dogs have a short, silky coat that usually a metallic silver-grey colour. Their broad head features a slender muzzle and medium-sized ears that hang down beside their face.


What Makes the Weimaraner Special?

Weimaraners are extremely intelligent dogs that descend from the Bloodhound. They are great hunters with a keen sense of smell. They are also extremely friendly. Weimaraners have a lot of energy and make great family pets as they are affectionate and love to play with their human family members, especially children.


How Often Should I Groom My Weimaraner?

Weimaraners are fairly low-maintenance when it comes to their grooming regimens. Their coat needs to be brushed occasionally and they should be bathed once every six to eight weeks. This breed is known to have fast-growing nails, so it is important that you check and trim their nails regularly to ensure that they do not become too long and make it uncomfortable for them to walk. Their nails should be clipped as soon as you hear a tapping noise coming from their paws when they walk across a hard floor.


As with all breeds that have drooping ears, a Weimaraners’ ears should be checked often to ensure that they do not have an infection. If you notice that the inside of your dogs’ ear is red or they seem like it is hurting, then you should have it checked out by a trusted vet as soon as possible.


How Often Should I Walk My Weimaraner?

Weimaraners require almost constant physical activity. They do enjoy long walks with their owners. However, they are happiest when they are able to run and stretch their legs. This breed loves to run and play to the point where they almost feel too exhausted to move. Giving your dog the proper amount of exercise is a crucial part of ensuring their physical and mental health.


How Do I Train My Weimaraner?

Weimaraners are highly intelligent dogs, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. They are able to understand commands a lightning-fast seed. However, because they are both smart and energetic, they easily able to get into mischief.


It is important that you start your puppies training sessions as early as possible. Many times, Weimaraners won’t listen to their owners unless they think that they will be getting something out of it. Be sure to reward your dog’s good behaviour with plenty of treats and loving praise.



Quickfire Questions

How long will my Weimaraner live?

On average, Weimaraners live to be between 10 and 13 years old.


 Can my Weimaraner be left home alone all day?

Weimaraners need a lot of attention and exercise. If they are sitting at home all day by themselves, they will more than likely get bored and get into mischief. If you are planning to leave your home for a long period of time, it is recommended that you enrol your dog into a doggie daycare or you have a pet sitter stay with them to give them exercise.


What kind of health risk do Weimaraners have?

For the most part, Weimaraners are healthy dogs. However, they have been known to get a potentially life-threatening condition called gastric dilation-volvulus, otherwise known as bloat. With this condition, the dog’s stomach becomes stretched and twisted. If you notice that your dog has a swollen or tender stomach, or is salivating frequently, it is vital that you seek medical attention for your dog immediately. Most vets will check your dog’s abdomen during routine visits to make sure that they are not developing this illness.


Do Weimaraners bark a lot?

Weimaraners are highly energetic dogs that have been known to bark frequently when they get excited. However, they are also natural-born hunters who know the importance of being quiet. Usually, when a Weimaraner is at home, they are quiet and well-mannered dogs.


Is the Weimaraner the Right Breed for Me?

Weimaraners are extremely loving and friendly dogs. They are especially good with children. Many families who have children think that the Weimaraner is the perfect pet because they can play with kids for many hours a day, which keeps both the children and the dog entertained and allows them to get plenty of exercise. They usually very healthy dogs and have a long life expectancy. As long as you have plenty of time to ensure that your dog will be able to get an adequate amount of exercise, this could be the perfect dog for you.


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