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Puppies are the cutest addition to any house hold. Last week, Our Founder (Deb Morrison) got a cute little Toy Cavoodle and she is the newest member in the PetCloud team. Taking care of a puppy is like taking care of a baby, they need to be trained. Here are a few tips that Deb has found useful in training Milly. You need following items to get your puppy trained –
  • Gate or crate
  • Newspapers
  • Pet bed
  • Leash
Step 1 Make sure to create a small, gated area which is approximately three feet by five feet — where the puppy can be confined. The floor should be covered with something that is safe from accidents, such as vinyl in the kitchen. The puppy will not want to soil his living area, so keeping it small will help discourage accidents. Step 2 It is important that you cover the floor with several layers of newspapers to contain any accidents the puppy has during the day while you are at work. If he does poop by accident and is by himself for more than a few hours. You need to make sure that you take the puppy to the bathroom spot, the smell will help him associate that this is where he is supposed to eliminate. Step 3 Place a soft bed in one corner of this area for the puppy to sleep in; it should be made of fabric that can be easily washed and dried. Step 4 Get him used to a routine to avoid accidents. Feed him, walk him and play with him on a regular schedule around your job. Assume that he can only hold his bladder for one hour multiplied by his age; so at two months, he will need to go outside every two hours. Step 5 Pick a spot that will be the puppy’s bathroom and take him to it every two hours, on his leash, when you are home with him — especially after he eats, drinks or wakes up. Step 6 Positive reinforcement is important, if your puppy poops somewhere else – you should say a firm NO and take him to the bathroom spot and give him some treats as a reward when he uses that spot. Step 7 Keep an eye on your puppy and look out for any signs that include: pacing, scratching at the door or whining. This could mean that he wants to go outside. Immediately take him outside and praise him when he uses the proper bathroom spot. Step 8 Avoid feeding your puppy right before you leave for work; he will usually need to use the bathroom within an hour of eating.

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