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The Purpose of Meet & Greets

Meet and Greets are key to having a successful pet stay. The Meet & Greet provides the perfect opportunity to get to know the other party and determine if your expectations align and whether it is a good fit

What is the purpose of a Meet and Greet?

1) To go over the Pet’s care routine, habits, behaviour, and any medical requirements & who to contact in an emergency.  

2) To do a property check together.  A full property tour of the home is required (inside and backyard) where the proposed care will take place to check for any holes in the fence or other hazards. Pet behaviour and habits differ with different breeds and sizes and ages and your home and routine may not be suitable to all types of pets.  If the opportunity doesn’t arise. You’ll need to be assertive and say politely, “Can I possibly get a property tour please?”

Is there anything I need to do before the Meet and Greet?

Yes. Go through this helpful guide below. It will be sent to you upon sign up.

Pet Owners before the Meet & Greet: 

If you are a Pet Owner, before the Meet & Greet, please ensure that you have filled out your pet’s profile in full on PetCloud, including emergency contact details and authorised Vet Spend if needed. There is no need to pack your pet’s bags yet. This is just an initial meeting.

Pet Sitters before the Meet & Greet: 

If you are a Pet Sitter, we recommend you read Questions every Dog Sitter should ask an Owner during a Meet & Greet. It is to also tell them more about your background, skills & experience and daily routine. Also save time by identifying any holes in the fence and blocking them. Your home needs to be escape proof and hazard free.

Pet's care routine and property check together

What happens during a Meet and Greet?

It is the responsibility of both Pet Owners and Pet Sitters to go through the RSPCA Property Guide for Pet Stays together go through the checklist to ensure there’s no holes in the fence, no household chemicals are in reach of the pets, and if there are, patch holes up or remove issues out of harms way.  You should also identify any toxic plants.

If you have a pet of your own, observe interaction between your pet and the visiting pet and also how the pet interacts when introduced to your other household members. Try to determine whether there will be aggressive, destructive behaviour or escapism problems during the stay.   Our online Accredited Pet Sitter course contains a guide for introducing Dogs.

After the Meet & Greet

If the Meet & Greet went well, then let the other Party know in person or by messaging them if you’re happy to go ahead with the reservation. Or, if you felt like the pet wasn’t a good match for your yard or family, then let PetCloud know ASAP, as well as the Pet Owner so we help locate another Sitter who would be more suitable.

Human Trust & Safety

At PetCloud we have an ongoing commitment to trust & safety. Read these safety measures before deciding to meet up.    

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