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Smart hacks to prevent you from getting sick when you fly

Smart hacks to prevent you from getting sick when you fly

Packed into a flying tube with hundreds of random people, can increase your risk of contracting sickness. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

1. Avoid or limit your alcohol intake

On board a plane, you are in a decreased pressure environment which diminishes your body’s ability to absorb oxygen which can produce light-headedness known as hypoxia. A similar pressure to climbing tall mountains of 1,800 and 2,200 metres. If you drink alcoholic beverages during a flight you may notice it sooner, and so might the crew and other passengers if you drink too much.  So, to combat dehydration make sure you drink water with every alcoholic beverage. And minimise your intake of salty food, as this may have an adverse effect by making you more thirsty and encouraging you to drink at a faster rate.

2. Never eat food if it’s touched your food tray
Fold down food trays are reportedly only cleaned rarely and when they are, it isn’t very thorough. Hairy Harry or Sweaty Susan could have sat in your place before you.

3. Keep the above air vent on
Keeping the air vents flowing with air above you actually form an invisible barrier between you and any germs surrounding you. The air flow pushes away airborne bacteria before it can enter your breathing area which means your chances of catching that nasty cough you can hear travelling around the cabin is theoretically much less. 



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