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Increase your chances of booking inquiries

Increase your chances of booking inquiries

Tip 1. Have a clear profile photo

Trust is everything. Don’t hide your face behind sunglasses. Got a sexy selfie? Save it for social media.

profile photo

Tip 2. Show off an action photo of you cuddling or brushing or washing a pet.

Even if its your own. Pet Owners want to see you had some experience in caring for a pet.


Tip 3. Show off how you might care for the pet and feed them 

Not cats play fighting. Pet Owners want to see you calm and you knowing what to do.

Cats eating and playing peacefully

Tip 4. Show off a neat and tidy house or apartment.

Do some vacuuming and cleaning and organising before you take a photo. This shows where the pet might play indoors. Pet Owners are more likely to feel that you will take good care in cleaning and caring for their pet if your lounge room shows a sitter who is neat and tidy.

Neat and tidy indoor area

Bonding Photo

Tip 5. Show a safe cozy sleeping area not rock hard floors  

The Owner will bring all the pet’s bedding, however, you may wish to keep a spare pet bed handy.


Tip 6. Show off a safe backyard, neatly mown, garden kept, and with secure, high fences.  

Pet Owners want to ensure there will be nothing hidden in long grass like snakes or rusty car parts, low fences where their pets can be stolen or can jump over or gaps between fences palings or gaps under fences.


Tip 7. Live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard?  Or, are you a House Sitter who stays in Pet Owner’s homes and are not offering care in your own home?

Show off a photo of your local dog park instead and pathways where you might take dogs for walks.

Dog Park Photo

Tip 7. Show off that you enjoy what you do.

Get a friend to show a picture of you walking a dog and you smiling, not busy text messaging on your phone.


Tip 8. Last of all, use the Owner’s and the Pet’s names

And always ask if they wouldnt mind leaving you a review.

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