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How to Hire the Right Dog Walker for your Dog

How to Hire the Right Dog Walker for your Dog

Even if you have a big backyard, your dog can still become bored, so a daily outing of dog walking to stimulate their brains through sniffing and allowing them to explore new places is super important.

Why should I book a Dog Walker?

Dogs just like us, aren’t meant to live a sedentary lifestyle. They need walks every single day to help stimulate their endorphins (happy glands).  Regular walks can aid in digestive systems, burning excess energy and promote relaxation and sleepiness, reducing anxiety, destructive chewing, digging, or scratching, barking or whining.  

Did you know that dogs noses are 100,000 times more sensitive than ours and work differently to ours? Yep! They can sniff out a teaspoon of sugar in an Olympic sized swimming pool area.

Dogs need to be taken for daily dog walks for 4 main reasons:

  • Body Waste Elimination
  • Mental stimulation,
  • Exercise, and
  • Training

Dogs like to go for walks to get outdoors, sniff and interact, with their environment, exercise, and socialise with other dogs and humans outside of home.

What does a Professional Dog Walker do?

A Professional Dog Walker will come to your home and take your dog for a walk for a period of time, then returns them home. 

During that time, they will provide your dog with clean water, pick up and dispose of your dogs stools in the bin while reporting back to you, any unusual consistency of your dog’s stool. 

A Professional Dog Walker will safely navigate your dog’s introductions with other dogs and people, they will avoid situations that are anxiety-producing for your pet and will have full control of them during any trigger events such as birds, traffic, or certain other dogs.

A Professional Dog Walker will understand canine body language enough to read subtle signals of distress or anxiety in your pet. 

How can I tell if they are a Professional?

  1. You will be able to see an Accredited training badge, a Police Check verification badge and that Insurance is paid for by PetCloud. 
  2. They will be happy to have a Meet & Greet at your home to get to know you and your dog. During the conversation, they will demonstrate knowledge of your dog’s breed (whether they are brachycephalic), age (whether they are a Senior Dog), whether your dog has any illness or injuries they should know about, and they adjust the amount of exertion or time period required for the walk (30 minutes or 1 hour).
  3. They may request to adjust the time of day scheduled for the walk depending on the season of the year (adjusting to do walks earlier in the morning and later in the evenings during summer).
  4. Professional Dog Walkers are reliable and dependable: this is not a hobby for them, it is their business, their livelihood.  It is not likely that they will “forget” to stop by and take your dog for a walk because they lost track of time while at the shops. They will keep in frequent communication.

The Difference between a High Quality Dog Walker & hobby Dog Walkers.

It’s important to hire the right dog walker for your dog.  There are challenges to being a Dog Walker.  Some of which include, Leash Aggression, Strong Unsocialised Dogs, Intense Weather (rain/hail/sun), other Pet Owners who allow their dog off the leash in public with no control who will come bounding over to your dog.   

High quality Professional Dog Walkers:

WILL pick up after every dog poo responsibly.

WILL walk your dog in the cool of the morning or evening to avoid heatstroke and burnt paws.

  • WILL be Police Checked.
  • WILL be insured so that if your Dog becomes ill or injured, your pocket is protected from big Vet bills.

What a Dog Walker WON’T do, is just as important as what they WILL do.

To explain further; high quality Dog Walkers;

  • WON’T just let dogs off the leash in a public space
  • WON’T walk female dogs while they’re ‘on heat’.
  • WON’T leave your dog in the car.
  • WON’T exercise dogs in the heat of the day, putting your pet at risk of burnt paws, or heatstroke, which can end in death.
  • WON’T take your dog to a dog park, which is a hot spot for fights.
  • WON’T walk your dog in a pack. Only personalised walks.
  • WON’T over-exert senior dogs, brachycephalic dogs, or dogs with full coats that aren’t clipped short.

How much is dog walking?

It depends whether it is part of a pet sitting booking or whether its part of an ongoing weekly program of walks.  If part of a pet sitting stay, it might be around $20 as an added extra on top of the cost of Pet Sitting.

If its an ongoing program of walks for dedicated, private dog walking it is roughly from $45 – $55 per hour. This differs from suburb to suburb and Dog Walker to Dog Walker.

Where can I find a Dog Walker?

PetCloud has Police checked dog walkers in every city across Australia.

Will the NDIS fund Dog Walking?

The NDIS will fund activities that are related to the goals in your NDIS plan and considered to be ‘reasonable and necessary’.

The NDIS will fund disability supports that focus on a person’s functional ability, including supports that enable a person with a mental illness or psychiatric condition to undertake activities of daily living and participate in the community and social and economic life.

In order to understand how, we recommend you read NDIS Goal Creation for Pet Lovers and share the article with your Local Area Coordinator, Plan Manager, and Support Coordinator.

How Far should my Dog be walked?

It depends.  The average dog benefits from at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.   Walking speeds can vary greatly depending on many factors such as terrain, your dog’s breed, age, size, and health conditions

  • Senior dogs and brachycephalic dogs might only be walked for 30 minutes.  In 30 minutes you will cover approximately 3.3 kilometres on average.  
  • For fit and healthy adult dogs that are high energy large breeds, in 60 minutes you may cover about 5 kilometres.

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