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How do I find a good Vet?

Having the right veterinarian that suits both you and your pet is important and should be researched carefully.  Don’t wait until an emergency to find a veterinarian, find one you trust before an emergency happens.

Finding the right veterinarian for your pet is just as important as finding the right medical doctor for your family.  Your pet sees the veterinarian many times throughout the course of its life for regular vaccinations, sick visits and sometimes for emergencies. 

There are several things you can check on to ensure finding the right veterinarian.  Not only are good qualifications necessary but also cleanliness of the facility, staff, location and cost.  Checking the important points first will make you feel more comfortable the first time you walk in with your beloved pet.

Research and Make Appointments

You can find veterinary clinics in your area by looking through PetCloud’s Vet Directory. Once you’ve narrowed down which clinics you are interested in, you should make an appointment to visit each clinic and take note of the following items.

1. Qualifications

The veterinarian you choose should be certified from a legitimate veterinarian school.  Check also to see if they are board certified in any particular area such as cardiology, surgery or ophthalmology.  Look for the abbreviation ABVP after the veterinarian’s name.  This means they have done extra work to be certified by the Australian Board of Veterinary Practitioners.  A good veterinarian will continue their education long after they graduate.

2. Clinic and Staff Care

The clinic should look clean and organized and the staff should be friendly to both you and your pet.  Even if your veterinarian is knowledgeable and friendly, if you aren’t happy with the treatment from the staff it could make your visits difficult. 

Bringing your pet to a clinic where the staff truly care about your pet makes it much easier for both of you if there is an emergency or your pet has to stay overnight. 

3. Hours, On site lab, Equipment

Also check to see how many veterinarians are on staff, the hours they are open, their emergency policies, if they have their own lab and x-ray equipment and if they are certified to do surgery.  Having everything you need for your pet in one place makes caring for your pet easier.

4. Location, Cost, and Payment Options

Having a veterinary clinic close to your home is the optimal situation but that isn’t always possible.  Don’t settle on a clinic just because it is close by.  Make sure you are happy with their service and attitude.  Cost and payment options are also important. 

Be sure to ask if they take credit cards or have a payment plan in case your pet has a medical emergency.  However, while location and cost are important it is more important to find a suitable clinic and veterinarian even if it means you have to drive further or pay a little extra.

Once you’ve found the perfect clinic for your pet you should make a well check-up appointment for your pet so your pet’s history will be on file at this location.  That way if there is an emergency the clinic and veterinarian will know your pet’s history and be able to treat them as effectively as possible.

Keeping your pet healthy is one of the most important parts of pet ownership.  By finding the right veterinarian and clinic you are assured there will be someone to care for your pet for many years to come.

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